MOVING FEAR (YA Paranormal)
We are indeed a planet on the move. In the United States alone the average American moves 11.7 times in a lifetime. The length of an average move approximates the distance from New York City to Des Moines, and involves 6,900 pounds of possessions. It is one of those times when we are most vulnerable, and in people’s lives moving is the third most stressful event, behind only death and divorce.

It’s why it chooses them. It’s why it has remained unnoticed for so long.

To hear other people tell it (including his own family), Knox Gidden is nothing but a sixteen year old, stuck-up, military-brat...emphasis on brat. The constant moving from state to state and school to school had left him withdrawn, bitter, with a tendency to act out following each of his father’s transfers. But that was before, and despite what people may say…sometimes we do get what we wish for. It appears his family is finally settling down, but not before losing his mother to cancer and a prank-gone-wrong has tragically sentenced his younger brother to a wheelchair. Now Knox must do his best to make amends for past behavior and earn back his families trust.

The move to Ox Bow was intended to be a fresh start, but unbeknownst to the Gidden’s something else has moved in with them. The appearance of a mysterious black box in Knox’s room marks the first of ominous events that have repeated for centuries. Inside awaits an ancient evil, a demon that has chosen one of the Gidden’s as its next vessel to do its bidding. It falls to Knox to figure out who that is and find a way to defeat the entity without killing its human host. Along the way Knox meets the socially inept boy from next door desperate to make a friend, and the girl-guardian who’s reluctant to let that happen. But time is running out for the three of them as the malevolent force draws closer to obtaining the two things it hungers for most, mortal fear…and fresh souls.

Status: Prepping for submissions.

RISING FEAR (YA Paranormal/Mystery)
The sequel to Moving Fear.

Status: Outlined.

PRICK (YA Mystery/Suspense)
Cassie Underwood often refers to Taggart McGill as the bane of her existence. Okay, maybe that’s adolescent drama run amok, but Taggart certainly isn’t an angel. He’s spent enough time at the local police station to earn him the yearbook label of Most Likely to Become a Repeat Offender, he’s been known to nark on his classmates, and his mean-spirited pranks are too long to list. Cassie’s parents try explaining his behavior as a by-product of being abandoned at a young age and raised in a flawed foster care system, but she isn’t buying it. Sometimes a spade is just a spade.

Maybe we should have mentioned that Cassie’s younger sister Becca is Taggart’s closest friend, a fact that has marooned Cassie in social purgatory for two years. Probably reason #1.

Sometimes life just isn’t fair. That’s never been so terribly illustrated when an accident lands Cassie and Taggart in the hospital…and Becca, along with the driver of the other vehicle, in the morgue.

As much as Cassie wants to despise Taggart for his role in the accident, she can’t ignore the devotion her sister felt for him and decides to explore why. What she learns rocks her world. It turns out Taggart is a gifted honor student who scored a perfect 36 on the ACT, and when you peak beneath the long shaggy hair, deplorable hygiene and unkempt clothing, are the kind of looks usually found on posters adorning the walls of teenage girls. But why was Becca keeping all that from her…and what else was she hiding?

But before Cassie can get much deeper, Taggart is approached by another student – Chewy Ledbetter – the son of the man responsible for the accident. But Chewy doesn’t want to offer apologies…or condolences…he wants Taggart to use his connections with the local police to convince them his father’s death in that same accident was actually…murder.

Taggart surprises Cassie by agreeing to help, so much so that she decides to tag along. What twisted motive could he have for stringing Chewy along on this obvious goose chase? But when the bodies start piling up, all linked by a tiny puncture hole and the presence of a mysterious toxin, Cassie realizes that something else is going on. Something else entirely. 

Status: 2nd draft completed.
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