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It's been almost a week since the last time I've worked on my book. I've tweaked my short story a bit, toyed around with a couple idea's for new short stories, and posted several segments here on the blog. But nothing on the book. I've had days where I've written three chapters in a twelve hour period, and there are weeks like this one where I won't write a single word. When I'm not writing on my book for an extended time, there is usually a good reason.

The explanation is simple. I'm stuck. No, it's not writers block, at least not in the way I always thought writers block referred to. I'm at a scene in the book that is really crucial and I'm unsure of how I want to write it. I'm not really worried though, I've been stuck before. For me, there are two things that grind my writing to a halt. One is that I'm unclear how to best stage the chapter to bring out all of the elements I need to, and the other is that I'm scared to write a scene.

Scared may be too strong a word. Maybe something more like apprehensive. Anxious. Nervous. Spinchter tightener. They all fit. There have been chapters that, as I approached them, I knew would really challenge my writing abilities. But the material was a necessary part of the story, and had to be included. But I was afraid the quality of my writing wouldn't rise to the level I had envisioned for the chapter. I'm usually proud of myself when I finally complete those sections, knowing that I grew as a writer during that time. But I know there are more chapters like those in my future, and I'm not looking forward to them. Just like I never look forward to going to the healthclub every other day to see if I can run farther or faster, lift more weight for more repititions. In either case, I'll be better off for it though.

I've almost worked out all of the details for the chapter I'm stalled on and I'll be back to work on the book soon. I'm crossing my fingers in the hope that the remaining five or six chapters flow uninterrupted. That way I can get onto the process of editing.

Where I might end up cutting away a scene I struggled with in the first place. Ugh!!

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