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Keep Those Query Letters Coming

No. I’m not an agent. Nor a publisher. I’m just a regular schmuck…like you… trying to get somebody interested in my novel. But it’s difficult when half the literary agents in America are taking a hiatus for the holidays. Even for the ones that are still accepting them, there’s plenty of advice being passed around that suggests that querying during this time of year may not be in our best interest anyway.

I can’t say that I blame the agents for stepping back though. They work awfully hard year-round. And not just for themselves, but their clients as well. So they’ve earned the right to take a break from reading our confusing, rambling, unfocused, misguided pitches that are just a step up from smelly fish bait. The never-ending search for a diamond in the rough takes a toll. So, enjoy the time away Mr. and Ms. Agent.

But because they’ve turned off the spicket shouldn’t mean that we writers have to break up our submission routines, whatever they might be. Don’t know what to do if you can’t send out a letter this month? Does it make you feel like you’re going to explode having to wait until 2010? This is where I’m willing to help. While the agents are away, go ahead and send your query letters to me. Were you about to send one off to the Bookends agency, or Rachelle Gardner, or one of the many others before you read the notification they were not accepting any until next year? Send it to me instead. I’ll read each and every one of them and I’ll even post a few here on my blog. Don’t worry, I’ll redact (wow – that’s the first time I used that word in a sentence – fun) any personal information first. The ones I post won’t be for ridicule (I’ll do that in the privacy of my home), or held up as an example of what works or doesn’t work (like anybody really knows anyway), but rather because they’re about books I WOULD BE INTERESTED IN READING.

Submission guidelines: From now until January 15th, send your query letter only to No synopsis or partial manuscripts. You can consider your submission an instant rejection because I won’t respond back, but I will post the ones that really stand out.

I’m glad to do my part and give back to the community that has given so much to me. If this is successful maybe someone else will step up and carry the torch next year.

Keep those query letters coming!


  1. What an awesome idea! If I had a query, I'd send. And thanks for one of the most beautiful comments I've ever gotten on my blog, about writing is like... You rock.

  2. Thanks!! I hope other writers think so.

    And the comment on your blog was most defintiely MY PLEASURE.


  3. I love this idea too! :) You have a new "follower" I bow to your coolness.

  4. Fun! I saw Rachelle Gardner tweet your blog, I think I will send mine...

    How do you feel about women's fiction, Mr. Not-an-Agent-or-Publisher?

  5. Love it! Too bad I'm taking a hiatus from editing my book too or I'd definitely send you my query letter. Come to think of it, when I am ready I think I still will ;)

  6. Well, I can tell you the NWA Kidstuff writers are definitely interested in your invitation! Should we limit query letters to any specific genres?

  7. WOW! The response to this has been fantastic. A hearty welcome to my new readers. For those of you wondering about genre restrictions . . . don't. I'll read all comers. Even non-fiction.

    Have a great day!

  8. This is so cool of you. Just sent one in for review.

  9. That's a really cool idea. I wish I had a query letter to send or time to write something up. The holidays for a retail monkey are time hogs. I hope you do this again next year.




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