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Query Letters - Update (An Early Christmas Present)

Amanda received an early Christmas present this morning, and it brightened my holidays as well.

Who's Amanda? She's the woman who authored the query letter (Gargoyle Moon) I posted in my first update. Why is she smiling right now? Because this morning I received an e-mail from a literary agent. She works for an agency (redacted - there's that word again) who represents YA and Children books. She was reading my blog (MY BLOG!!) and came across the query letter Amanda had written. She was very interested in it and wondered if I could give her Amanda's information so she could get in touch with her.

I immediately went on-line and checked out the woman who sent the e-mail as well as the agency she said she represented. Both were legitimate. I e-mailed her back to thank her for the kind words about my blog and inform her I would forward Amanda her e-mail and the two of them could take it from there. She e-mailed me back a thank you.

I forwarded the agents e-mail to Amanda at 7:15 this morning, along with all of the links to the sites verifying the agents legitimacy, and I've been on pins and needles all day long waiting to hear back from her. She just responded 30 minutes ago. Excited would be an gross understatement. She promised to keep me updated about how things progress.

I don't know which to be more tickled at . . . the fact that my goofy idea for a blog post possibly ended up landing a reader an agent . . . or the fact that an agent was reading MY BLOG.

I choose both.


  1. Exciting is an understatement ~ yay for you both!

  2. DL - What a thrill! Your good deed done in the most exciting way--without intent of acknowledgement or reward. Excellent way to join in the spirit of the season! May the grace and joy last a long, long while.

  3. Holy freaking cowwwwww! That is so cool, DL and Amanda. SOOOOOOOOOO cool. Your query posting idea rocks.

  4. And an agent reads your blog??? One word for you. DUDE!!!

  5. Congrats to both of you! Too cool!!!!!

  6. Another BTW... What a brilliant agent, having you screen all the queries before hand. So cool.

  7. Wow!

    That's really neat. What an unexpected outcome.

  8. It's a Christmas miracle! Kudos to both of you...

  9. Hooray! What a wonderful thing. Congrats to you both.




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