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Thank you, Santa.

I don’t imagine Santa receives very many of these. Thank you letters. After all, who has the time? The children (and those adults who still believe) tore into their gifts on Christmas morning and never looked back, except maybe to complain about a present that wasn’t under the tree. They’ve been playing non-stop for days and as the newness begins to wear off, they’ll seek out their friends and relatives to play with their new toys. Soon it will be time to return to school and the holiday season will officially be over, just a fading memory with a trail of AAA batteries and bags of trash left in its wake.

Well, I’m not going to let it go this year. Is there a better way to start a new year by taking one last glance over your shoulder? Santa deserves his do. We know Santa doesn’t do what he does for the recognition, or appreciation. His reward is in the smiling faces on Christmas morning and the glow his generosity leaves behind and touches us all. But just because thanks isn’t expected, shouldn’t mean it’s not offered. A thank you means so much more when it’s unprompted. I mentioned this to my youngest son and he agreed whole-heartedly. I told him I would be writing this post and received his blessing.

So, thanks Santa. Not only for the gifts you left for me (which were unexpected and awesome), but for those you left for the rest of my family. My wife and I were the recipients of the joyful hugs and kisses your presents elicited, despite our attempts to give you the credit. Each year we’ll strive to take more of the burden off you and let you concentrate on your younger admirers, but we’ll always keep your mystery and spirit alive in our household.

Enjoy your time off and I look forward to your return next year!

If anybody else would like to tack on your own thanks before this gets sent northward, by all means.


  1. Santa, thinks for still existing in the eyes of my eight-year-old. It was a push, but if I couldn't convince her of your timeless magic, I don't know if I could have gone on calling myself a writer!

  2. Santa, would you mind using your magic just one more time to help me find the earring I lost today that my daughter gave me for Christmas? Since I've been all over the valley today it could be anywhere so it's going to be tough, but if anyone could do it, it's you...Thanks!

  3. Come on can do it...find Elena's earring and you'll be helping two for the price of one.

    Did you check the ledge in the shower? That's where my wife always leaves hers. :)

  4. No I discovered it was missing while I was in a could be anywhere! Let's see how magical Santa really is ;)

  5. Thanks, Santa, for filling my stocking as well as my kids'.

    Fun idea, DL.

  6. Thanks Santa for another Tar Heel loss. I'm hoping you can do the same for my Tigers. I'll be sure to keep the fireplace burning and the doors locked.

    Yours truly,



  7. Way to go GW . . .your the first one to make the NAUGHTY list for next year. :)




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