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I’m Starting to Get a Complex

I was all set to post an update regarding the progress of my manuscript; I mean it’s been a while since I talked about it, but ‘lo and behold I received another award.  And once again, it was the same award from two different blogger buddies.  But here’s the thing, both of them imparted this honor to me because…they wanted to give such an obvious girly award to a GUY.

I’m beginning to feel like the much younger brother of a sister who conspires with her friends to dress him up in tutu’s or fairy outfits.  There are now 123 ‘Like Minded’ individuals following my blog, and only ten of them are male.  The same thing holds true in the general writer’s community, roughly 90% female and 10% male.  Do you think that bothers me?  Maybe a little.  But I’m resolute in my goal and whatever that means.  So pile on your pink flowers, dainty aprons, fluffy kittens, or even those tiny baby booties.  I can take it.  You’ll never see me squirm.  Ever! 

Kristi at Random Daily Thoughts and Jade of Chasing Empty Pavements are the culprits this time, and their recognition for me is the infamous Sugar Doll Award.

The fine-print for this one says I have to list ten things about myself.  Kristi cheated and only listed five, but I’m gonna MAN UP and go for the entire ten.  Drum roll please.

1.      I grew up a military brat, moving around every couple of years from station to station.  That sort of upbringing might appeal to some children, getting to see the country and re-inventing themselves with every move, but for me…the introvert…I hated it.  The only bright spot was I was able to spend all four years of high school in one spot (North Carolina).  
2.      I do fifty push-ups/fifty sit-ups every work morning, and go to the health club three days a week.  I’ve never smoked or dipped, and only drink alcohol on special occasions.  I’m not a heath freak or anything; I just have this irrational fear of DEATH.
 3.      Since high school my nickname has been Bone. Before the snide comments commence, its origination hails from an obtuse derivation of my last name (Hammons > Hambone > Bone).  While I was attending LSU I found this large bone in an open field, so I brought it home and placed it on top of my stereo because it seemed to fit.  My son has since inherited both the nickname, and the bone.
4.      While attending LSU, I switched my major five times.  Journalism, Pre-Vet, Forestry, Marketing, and General Business.  I finally decided that every field of special interest had some sort of business angle.  I was right.
5.      For most of my adult life I’ve looked 20 years younger than I actually am.  I was carded entering bars well into my thirties.  Even today jaws drop when I tell people I have two kids in college.
6.      I’ve never read any book more than once, but I’ll watch my favorite movies multiple times.  Go figure.
7.      Since I graduated from college (29 years ago), I’ve only worked for three different companies, and one of those for less than a year.
8.      I seriously hate bullies!  The only altercations I got into growing up were when I put myself between a bully and his prey.  I have been known to pull my car over and intercede if I see a group of boys picking on a kid. But it’s the female bullies that are the hardest to combat because of their weapon of choice…EXCLUSION.
9.      I carry around a digital pocket recorder I received as a gift from Christmas.  I use it to record ideas for my manuscript that pop into my head during the course of the day.  One day it accidentally got turned on and I didn’t realize it until a beeping alerted me its batteries were running low.  Unfortunately, that was also a day I was unusually flatulent.
10.  I have six close friends.  One is my wife, three are my children, one resides in Atlanta, and the other in New Mexico.  When the wife and I are spatting, the world can be a really lonely place.

And here’s a bonus one, just because.

11.  You’ve heard of Type A and B personalities?  I’m a C.  I will go out of my way to avoid a confrontation, or the possibility of one.  Seriously.  I won’t even return things back to the store if there’s something wrong with them, I get my wife to do it.  I do my best to stay out of the limelight and fly under the radar.  But…if you harm, threaten, or even rebuke one of my family or friends, I will see to it that YOU NEVER FORGET MY NAME.

And the bloggers I pick to pass this award on to?  *Grin* Jon Paul, Matt, and Dezmond.  Us guys gotta stick together.


  1. LOL :) They'll love you for passing along the award!

    That's a lot of different majors! Wow! And it looks like pretty much none of your credits would have transferred for some of them :(

  2. Great ten things! I'm a Type C personality too!

  3. Congrats on your award you Sugar Doll you! Way to man up! : )

  4. I loved reading your answers. The kids in school used to call me "Bones!" My maiden name is Skeldon...and it's such a small leap to "skeleton."

    I agree: I wish more men blogged. Hearing thoughts on writing and feedback from both genders is a great thing.

    Congrats on your awards!

  5. HA! I've noticed the same thing. I thought it was just because I'm shallow that most of the blogs I read are women and they have pretty pictures. At least I'm not the only one whose noticed this trend. Us guys gotta stick together on here or we'll soon be posting pictures of kittens.

  6. See? I'm not the least bit disappointed in giving you this award. In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed this post and the fact that you "manned" up and did 11 things when I cheated.

  7. *tee-hee* You realized we were heaping the girlie awards on you, huh? I love that you passed it on to the guys!

  8. Congrats on the award. You are funny. My sister and I used to do that to my cousin, dress him up in girl clothes. We were mean, I know. I read your query letter comment on Kim's blog. Those things are a bitch aren't they?

  9. Hey Sugar Doll,
    Congrats once again.

    You're so sensible. I guess none of your answers really surprised me either. It does amaze me how opposite we are. AAhhhh, but there is always balance.

    I would like to hear about your progress on the manuscript.

  10. Congratz, DL. I love your answers. I'm a bit of a C personality, too. Though not nearly as strongly as you. I can at least take things back to the store, but then I've worked in retail long enough to know how to make it relatively painless. :D

  11. DL--You are absolutely right. Us guys have to stick together!

    "Bone" huh? I know Naval Aviators that would kill to have that as their callsign.

    Thanks for the nod and I'll do what I can to carry on in a manly fashion.

  12. It takes a special kind of guy to own up to being a Sugar Doll! :)

    Hey, I grew up in NC! Did you live in the vinegar- or tomato-based BBQ area?

  13. Ha! #11 is me too!

    and also, i would have given you the award on its pure girlyness too. because that's hilarious

  14. I'm in Chicago for a couple days on business, so I'll be checking comments via my iPhone, which is a bit limiting. You'll also understand why my comments on each of your respective blogs are sparse also.

    I'll have more to say when I'm back in front of a real keyboard, but for now, thanks for all your comments!!

  15. Great answers! You have a lot of things in common with my husband: army brat (air force in his case), select circle of friends (and I have to make him write and call them), and sending me to the video store. And I've seen him deal with bullies--the most recent a man shouting at his wife while they changed a tire on our street. Sounds like you're a guy. We females will be gentle and not exclude you :)

  16. AHAHA! I have to say, you are very secure about your masculinity to post an award called "Sugar Doll" on your blog. (And I am totally the sister that dressed my younger brother up. I made him wear a hula skirt and a lei and I have pictures to prove it.) I totally hear you on the looking-too-young thing, a pretty common problem with us Asian people. My dentist still asks me what grade I'm in (although now it's just to tease). My mom says I'll appreciate it when I hit 40. I'm a Type A personality but I have some C qualities too - the defending my friends/family to the death can go overboard with me. Thanks for sharing!!

  17. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I don't think I've ever appreciated an award as much as this one. Be proud, my fellow y chromosome carrier. With guys like us around, we don't need any more men in the blogosphere. The cream rises to the top. Or does the cream fall? I don't drink coffee. My cream's always whipped. And it floats, so yes, the cream rises. That's us.

  18. Hi,

    I already left one comment on this post but I have something for you this time. It's an award of sort called a LOVE LINK.

    Your site link and the following was posted on my site today:

    Cruising Altitude – D.L. is a talented writer who knows how to entertain with the smallest of topics. A winner in my book!

    Read on:
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  19. The Sugar Doll Award... hilarious!

    DL, you are such a great support to have here on the blogs. It's good to learn a bit more about you! We all appreciate you!

  20. Congratulations on your award!
    I'm new here and I'm looking forward to coming back for more.
    And thanks so much for your comment on my blog!! :)

  21. So, I'm back from Chicago and I'm ready to say a proper thank you.

    Jemi ~ Thats why it took me seven years instead of four. And I paid for half of it on my own, using savings, a part-time job, grants and student loans.

    Summer ~ Yay for us! We're the ones that really rule the world.

    Kimberly ~ Calling me sweet names will get you EVERYWHERE.

    Nicole ~ Some people who didn't know me (or my last name) thought I stole it from Dr. McCoy in Star Trek.

    Chris ~ Solidarity!!!

    Kristi ~ I hope I did you proud.

    Catherine ~ Like a brick upside my head...yeah I noticed. :)

    Eva ~ Oh...your one of those! And yeah...another post about query letters is on the horizon.

    G ~ If all our friends were exactly like us...the world would be a very dull place. Updates on the manuscript coming soon.

    Jaleh ~ To give my wife a break...can I call you to return something for me?

    Jon Paul ~ We are being watched!

    Amy ~ I grew up around the Cherry Point Marine base, in the town of Havelock. It was just down the road from New Bern and a little on further on that same road was Moorehead City.

    Falen ~ Why am I not surprised.

    Lorel ~ Sounds like me and your husband would be good friends.

    Julie ~ That's an interesting combination...type A personality with some type C qualities. Are you sure you're not bi-polar? :)

    Matt ~ Yes...that means everybody will be thinking about us...when they're making their coffee!

    Kellie ~ WOW! Thank you so very much. I will certainly re-post when I can.

    Kristin ~ Ditto!

    Thea ~ Welcome aboard. I hope I don't disappoint. BTW...I meant every word I wrote on your blog.

  22. Congratulations on this fabulous award! I really enjoyed reading your answers. Great list!

  23. LOL! Yes, most of these blog awards seem to fall on the girlie side. Good list, though.




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