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A Gazillion

That’s what it feels like…the number of awards I’ve let build up again. Nine of them to be exact, from thirteen wonderful blogging buddies. Yes, I definitely feel the love! It’s kinda like being run over by a mass of affectionate puppies. Taken to the ground, drowning underneath a blanket of puppy fur and wet tongues, all the while unable to control the giggling. I love being selected for an award, and I hope it shows.

And you know what makes an award even more special…receiving one from a new follower who rarely comments. It’s another small sign your words are making a broader impact then you might think. Message received!

In the interest of time and sanity, I’m going to be brief in their presentation and even more so in the process of passing them along. My method isn’t meant to belittle their importance, but waiting for a time when things settle down isn’t working and it’s either this or nothing at all.

Here are the blogs who pointed their beacons in my direction via these awards.

Amanda J @ Ramblings of a Drifting Mind..........Prolific Writer Award
Anne @ Piedmont Writer.......................... Awesomesauce Award
Dawn @ Dawn Hullender’s Southern Musings.........One Lovely Blog Award
Ellen @ Pink Tea and Paper.......................Beautiful Blogger Award
Jaime @ Dancing Down Serendipity Street..........Blogger Buddie Award
Jaydee @ Take a seat and stay a while............Awesomesauce Award
Lola @ Sharp Pen / Dull Sword....................Sweet Blog Award
Nicole @ One Significant Moment at a Time........Awesomesauce Award
Nicole @ One Significant Moment at a Time........Blogger BFF Award
Shannon @ Book Dreaming..........................The Silver Lining Award
Summer @ and this time, concentrate..............Prolific Writer Award
T.J. Carson @ Writing Endeavor...................Blogger Buddy Award
Thea @ Do I Really Want to Blog..................Sweet Blog Award

And here’s what the awards look like.

All of these women behind these wonderful blogs are well worth your attention. Please swing by and give them a look-see.

The awards that come with special instructions and/or rules, I’ve received once already, and although receiving them multiple times is great I won’t be jumping through those hoops again this time. The rest of them come with no strings attached. I’m breaking rules once again and only handing each baton to a single blogger. These are a few of the blogs I find myself continually circling back to, and draw inspiration from:

Awesomesauce Award – Kat @ Words Inc.
Beautiful Blogger Award – Amy @ Written in Lipstick
Blogger BFF Award – Portia Sisco
Blogger Buddy Award – Sierra Godfrey
Blogger Buddie Award - Dawn Hullender’s Southern Musings.
One Lovely Blog Award – Summer @ and this time, concentrate
Prolific Writer Award – Justine Dell
Silver Lining Award - Sharp Pen / Dull Sword
Sweet Blog Award – Julie @ Silver Lining

There is one more award I was bestowed just recently, and it’s a brand new award! Gina at Passions on Paper created the THREE BLOGGING MUSKETEERS AWARD.

It’s supposed to be given to the three people who not only follow my blog, but also give me great feedback and awesome comments on each post. I didn’t have to think very long about this one because there are three ladies that when I think of one, the other two always come to mind. These would be the girls in high school huddled at a corner table in the cafeteria, giggling. They are: Kim Franklin, Kristi Chestnutt, and Kristin Rae.

That’s it! I want to remind everybody that I’m quickly approaching 300 followers, and that means another celebration with a truly unique give-a-way. Although the prizes will be up for grabs to anyone who participates, the first 300 will receive special consideration. Let your blogging friends know. :)


  1. Congrats on all the blog-love! Each so well deserved. Thanks for the shout-out. I hope life's not too busy these days -- enjoy every minute!

    Thinking of you!

  2. Haha, nice choice.
    And thanks for the love! :-)
    I need to do one of these soon, but I can't remember where all my awards went...

  3. Glad you liked your award DL :) Thanks for all the suggestions, there are some great new blogs there that I'm looking forward to checking out properly!

  4. Woo hoo - look at all those awards!

    You definitely deserve them and here's hoping that things slow down for you soon.

  5. Wow - a lot of awards! Congrats! I've let mine build up too and cant seem to find the time to reciprocate the act of generosity. I'm holding a contest too if you'd like to check it out! :)

    Don’t miss out on my contest!

  6. Look at you! Congrats on all those awards. You deserve them :)

  7. Aww, thanks DL! Look at all of those awards. You're like a rock star ;-)

  8. Very nice, DL. This is a great place to stop by.

  9. i had a whole bunch of awards saved for a post, and then i accidentally deleted it.
    So now i feel like a jackass.
    Yay for 300! (THIS IS SPARTA!)
    sorry, couldn't resist

  10. Wowza! Look at all that love, DL! CONGRATS! Well deserved, indeed. :)

    THANK YOU for the shout out/love. I'm honored.

  11. My goodness, that's impressive. I don't blame you at all for doing things the short way. I've been holding onto some awards for awhile now, but I just don't have the time to go around and jump through all the hoops. Since I don't post all that regularly, I feel bad taking up so much time with awards. Anyway, congrats on all the awards, you're quickly becoming a star of the blogging community :)

  12. Holy Geez, look at you go! I knew I wasn't the only one who thinks you rock, DL!

    And thanks for sending my new award out into the world. I'm so happy you gave it wings, and to such deserving recipients, too. :)

  13. You are so loved!!!! This is such a nice tradition. Congrats.

  14. Some pretty awards there - congrats!

  15. Congrats on all the puppy love. You deserve it!

  16. Congratulations on all of your awards. It is a constant reminder of how much you touch the people that read what you write. What a blessing. And now I have some great new blogs to check out.

  17. Well aren't you mister popular? :P Congrats on the awards, you rock DL :)

  18. So much blog bling!!! :) You're like the LL Cool J of the blogosphere! Congrats on it all. You totally deserve it. :)

  19. Dang, THANK YOU for that award!
    You're super sweet!

  20. Congratulations on your AWARDS! You deserve them! And even though I might not always comment I do pay attention to what you write. I love reading blogs but sometimes homework and clubs/sports/work gets in the way and I want you to know that what you write is appreciated and WELL WORTH THE READ!

    Oh btw, I wish I could take a class on scribbling, I would ROCK that mo-fo. but sadly no, I doodle through this one english class and physiology. The teachers just do not keep my attention. haha thanks for stopping by and again, congratulations on your blog awards!

  21. Well, well, aren't you Mr. Popular! ;)

    I love that you thought of Kristi, Kristin and Me for that award. But I don't know about all the giggling. I mean, where would you ever get the idea we would be gigglers???

    You totally just made my day!! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!

  22. I'm not at all surprised to see that you have a whole new batch of awards. Congrats, DL. That 3 Musketeers one is cool! You're right - Kimberly Franklin is a great commenter. :-)

  23. It appears you are loved...well deserved. :) You have a great blog and put up some lovely writing samples. Congratulations, DL!

  24. Congrats on all the awards! Look at you, Mr. Popularity ;) Well done, guy.


    I think that is so incredibly awesome that you think of me, Kim, and Kristi as the Three Muskateers!! And seriously, the three of us email each other all day, every day! Lots and lots of giggling involved! You totally nailed it! Thanks SO much! Made my day!

    And congrats on that load! And the followers! WOWZA! Such a great blogging friend you are.

  26. Don, you think my blog is sweet!! *blush* Thank you so much. I've emailed you and Sierra back. Will have time to catch up on your story before Sunday. Congrats on all your awards and... you BEAST! 300 followers?! Are you building an army? :)

  27. Holy crap I think I'm still in shock at the amount of blog awesomeness spilled over the page!!!

    It makes sense your blog rocks!

  28. Nicely done, my friend. I can FEEL the love.


  29. Congrats on all the bloggy love DL!!! You deserve it all! :-)

    AND thanks for the awesome bloggy award! It definitely made my night...I even came out of hiding to tell you so! (Been hunkered down on the MS alot lately!)

    You nailed us "three k's"...don't know what I'd do without those two to entertain me all day.

  30. You picked my three blogging/beta buddies, aren't they awesome :)

    Anyway, congrats are in order for all these awards! You deserve them. Each and every one. Have a wonderful Wednesday :)

  31. Congrats on all the awards! Yowza, there are a lot there! They're well-deserved. Congrats to the other recipients as well! :)

  32. Wow, congrats on the awards! I thought I was the only one who hoards them like that :D

    Thanks for passing the baton to me for the Blogger Buddie Award, I shall wear it with honor and pass it on soon.


  33. Wow, these followers do accumulate! Congratulations!

  34. Wow. That IS a lot of puppies--er, awards. Congrats!

    Love the 3 musketeer one. I haven't seen that one yet.

  35.'ve been busy ;-)

    Thanks so much for award! I always love sharing and spreading blog love!


  36. DL, I def fixed my post so you get something out of it :) ha it made me laugh when you said the guys did not do anything for you so I made a little adjustment so hopefully these new pics do something for you!!!! Thanks for the comment it made me smile :D

  37. Haha then mission accomplished! Thanks for stopping by! Come again soon!

  38. Congrats on all your awards - you're obviously doing something right! :)

  39. Wow, I only know like half of those bloggers. Thanks for the new introductions DL!

  40. Yay! Thank you SO much for the Beautiful Blogger Award! I can't wait to display it. I also can't wait to find out more about this 300 follower celebration you have planned...

    Congrats on your steadily growing pile of blog awards!

  41. LOL, that was very proficient of you. I loves it. I'm going to do that for my next award post. Seriously.

  42. Congrats on all the awards and thanks for passing it on! So glad I got the awesomesauce award, that's exactly the one I would have wanted! Haha.

    It's nice to be getting back into the blogging world! I've missed everyone! Happy to be reading and posting again :)




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