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See this…*pointing to mouth*…it’s a big broad smile.  Know what it’s for?  Because I’m so proud of myself!  I received some awards last week and instead of shoving them under the bed, letting them pile up until my guilty conscience started giving me stomach ulcers, here I am to give them their due before too much dust settles.  Hey…don’t laugh…it’s a big deal for me.  :)

First up is the One Lovely Blog Award from Jemi Fraser at Just Jemi.  I know most of you have probably already visited her blog (it’s awesome), but those who haven’t really need to give her a look-see.  She generates a ton of comments for all of her posts.  There are no specific instructions for this award, so I’m simply tapping the shoulder of three lovely bloggers who I admire.  They are:

Next up, Shannon @ Book Dreaming and T.J. @ T.J. Carson’s Writing Endeavor both awarded me the Happy 101 Award.  This award makes me drool with hunger every time I see it.  :) These two ladies are on opposite sides of the spectrum, Shannon has been around the block a few times and is a staple here in our little community, and T.J. is a freshman in college just getting her legs underneath her in the blogosphere, but the thing is the energy pulsating from each of their blogs is equally impressive.  In that light, I’m going to pass this award onto three more bloggers who exhibit that same level of energy in their blogs.  Please check out:
Laura @ Wavy Lines

Lydia over at The Word is My Oyster bestowed the Sunshine Award on me despite my track record of keeping plants alive in my office.  :)  Along with being an insightful blogger, she happens to be a full-time doctor!  Which reminds me…Lydia, I have this itch…..(just kidding).  You can imagine what it’s like trying to find time to write with everything going on in her life!  I’m choosing to pass this award onto three bloggers who bring a little bit of sunshine into my life.  They are:

G~ @ A Muse in My Pocket (who just got married)
Tina @ Sweet Niblets       

And finally, I’ve been tagged…literally.  Julie at Silver Lining and Tara at Feel of Something New both hit me with the five answers to five questions survey.  Here goes.

Question 1: Where were you five years ago?

1.     Probably sitting at this very same desk
2.     Preparing for my oldest son’s high school graduation & celebratory cruise.
3.     Wondering who would be the cleanup hitter for my youngest sons little league baseball team.
4.     Content in my job.
5.     Trying to decide how to channel my creative impulses into something constructive and experimenting with blogging.

Question 2: Where would you like to be five years from now?

1.     Still sitting at this very same desk.
2.     Published!  Multiple times! (Funny how common this theme is)
3.     Rejoicing over two college graduate children with careers of their own.
4.     Looking forward to driving down to yet another one of my father’s family get-togethers.
5.     Replying to each comment from my nearly 5,000 blog followers.

Question 3: What is (was) on your to do list today?

1.     Finish this blog post as well as the one for my 300 followers celebration.
2.     Play with my family.
3.     Revisions!
4.     Revisions!
5.     Revisions!

Question 4: What five snacks do you enjoy?
1.     Coffee (I actually include it in every food group/category)
2.     Heath Bars
3.     Mixed Nuts
4.     Bagel with Peanut Butter
5.     Dark Chocolate Kisses

Question 5: What would you do if you were a billionaire?

1.     I’d start my own publishing house.  That way everybody would be sending their queries to me.  Muuuuhaaahaaa!!
2.     Every year I would sponsor a week long get-together for each of my wonderful followers at Disney World, all expenses paid.  Why Disney World?  Because for me, it’s the center of the imagination universe.
3.     Change my phone number so the relatives I’ve never heard of couldn’t call begging for a handout.
4.     Ensure that my family’s future was secure, but with incentives.  Having money should never be a reason to coast through life!
5.     Donate to many worthy charities.  The child of one of my blogging buddies has Cystic Fibrosis…that seems like a good place to start!

I, in turn, tag the following five blogs.

That’s it gang.  Do I need remind you what happens tomorrow?  Yep.  THIS IS SPARTA! – A 300 Celebration:)

See you then.


  1. Congrats on all the awards - and on not shoving them under the bed :)

    Thanks as well for the kind words!

    I love your answers in the tag. I've never been to Disney & I've always been a huge Disney fan. One of these days... :)

  2. Congrats on making it past 300. How awesome is that?

    Also impressed you didn't hoard/stockpile the awards like I always seem to.

  3. Congrats on awards and I dig any blog post that uses the word Muuuuhaaahaaa!

  4. Love your answers.

    Happy 300-ing tomorrow. Roland

  5. Congrats on the awards, you deserve every one of them. And as for your to-do list -- Go You with those revisions. LOL.

  6. Good job, DL! :-)
    Thanks for the award. I like your answers to the billionaire question--incentives are good. :-)

  7. To see your kids through highschool and off to college and other endeavors, deserves the great dad award. I don't think blogosphere has that award. But congratulations too, on all the blog awards.

  8. YES! Disney World!!! Congrats on all the awards and I am SO there for your 300 followers celebration.

  9. CONGRATS on all your awards and followers! Well deserved, of course. :)

    THANK you for tagging me. I'm honored. However, I was tagged (many times now) and posted my just a couple of posts ago. (we have the dark chocolate, love of Disney, and wanting to be published in common in our answers. :)

    I'm a big fan of Walt, his World, and find it most magical and inspiring.

    Happy Sunday!

  10. Congratulations on your awards and thank you for that beautiful award you have given to me.

    I'll be here tomorrow for the 300 Sparta contest.

  11. If you started a publishing house I would query you for sure :) It would be kind of cool to be in the drivers seat, that's the most frustrating part of being a writer. We spend all our time hoping at least one person wants to give us a shot.

    Oh, and coffee, that could be its own food group with me :)

    Congrats on the awards!

  12. Disney World is my most Happiest Place on Earth ;)

    Congrats on your awards, and thanks for mine!

    Mostly, thanks for the nod to the CF foundation. My daughter and I - and thousands of others - are appreciative :)

  13. Congrats on all the awards - that's awesome. Love your five things. I'm glad you threw the chocolate kisses in there because I was thinking you are WAY too nutritious!

  14. I'm with you on changing your phone number!

  15. Disney World! YES!!!

    I would totally start my own publishing company too. Then I would make sure all us talented, ignored writers would be heard. ;-)

    Thanks for the award!


  16. Wow- Congrats on all of your awards and to all the winners! And thanks for tagging me- I love this game!:)

  17. Nice job, DL. I almost put that I would start a publishing company too when I posted my 5/5. But I passed on that...

    Congrats on the 300; you truly are Sparticus.


  18. Awww, thank you so much for the kind tap on the shoulder-and the award. :)

    Responding to each of your 5,000 followers won't leave you much time to write books. Careful what you wish for. lol.

    I can't wait for you to be a billionaire so I can attend the Disney trip. Consider me RSVPs very early. :)

    Thanks so much and congrats on your awards. xo

  19. Merci beaucoup mon frere! You keep dangling this celebration in front of our faces, I can't wait for it to actually happen :)

  20. Wow DL!!! Look at all the blog bling... lots of love in this place!

    Happy 300! What an awesome feet! Happy Sunday!

  21. Great answers. I especially love the bit that said, you'd start your own publishing company. Buy a lotto ticket quick! I'd love to send you my query letter. Dreams are free, right?

    Fun post. Congrats on 300 followers :)

  22. Congrats on all your well-deserved awards and to those you passed them on to! And thanks so much for thinking of me!

    Btw, I can hardly wait for that Disney cruise!!! So you think you'll be a billionaire soon?!?

    Heehee hope ya had a great weekend! :)

  23. Congratulations on the well deserved awards and I can't wait to see what you have planned for next week....

  24. Wow--200 to 300 in record time!! Loved your answers:)) And congrats too on all the awards:)

  25. Congrats on your awards and loved hearing all your answers! Anyone who includes coffee in all food groups is alright by me ;)

    Thanks for the tag (although I've already done this one, I sure do appreciate it)

  26. you are invited to follow my blog

  27. Very impressive, DL - dealing with your awards (I know I have a few of them hanging out with the dustbunnies under my bed and I owe some huge apologies to a few very thoughtful people)...loving your family so Disney the honour...desiring to change your phone number when you're a billionaire (you'll give the new one to your blogger buddies, though, right?)...

    Congratulations on 300+ followers! You certainly earned it!!!

  28. Congrats on all your awards! There was a name I didn't recognize linked, and I'm off to make her acquaintance!

  29. DL—I have every confidence that in 5 years you will both be published and replying to all of your bloggers. That's just the kind of guy you are :-)

    Let me know when you win the lottery and start that publishing house!

  30. I love the publishing house idea, but changing your phone number so the relatives can't find you is the best!

  31. Congrats on awards and I dig any blog post that uses the word
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