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Blog Years

The first official post for my blog was on January 22, 2009.  It was an inauspicious little tale about a neighbor boy and his bike.  My next post didn’t appear until six months later, on July 6th.  After that second post I began updating my blog more regularly, at least a couple articles a week.  Because of the long gap at the beginning, a misstep if you will, I consider July 6th to be the real inception date of my blogs existence.  DL trivia fans now know the whole truth (hint…hint). 

In just four weeks my blog will be celebrating its birthday.  One year, 113 posts (now 114), 7167 site hits, 328 Google friend followers, 17 Networked Blogs followers, dozens of blog awards and thousands of comments later.  This simple communication tool has cut a path through the obscurity forest and led me to this quaint little village filled with acquaintances, friends, dear-friends, collaborators, critique partners, admired role-models, and wide-eyed beginners, all with “like minds”.  So much has happened while building and settling into my cottage, that I’m amazed that it’s only been one year. 

And countless numbers of you have been through the same experience.  So many in fact that I started taking a closer look at the blogs I follow.  It turns out that most of them came into being right about the same time as mine.  The average looked to be about a year old…maybe two.  It makes you wonder…where are the older blogs…the ones that have been around for 5-6 years?  Are there any?  If so, where did they go?

What is the life span of a writer’s blog?  I think a blog doesn’t age the way we normally expect.  Maybe it’s more akin to dog years?  One blog year equates to seven years in the real world.  Think about how fast paced things seem to happen in this community?  As an individual the publication process seems so long and drawn out, but when we look out into the blogosphere something is always happening to somebody.  Drafts started, WIP’s edited, critiques returned, revisions endured, queries offered, rejections suffered, THE CALL celebrated, manuscripts sold, cover-art debated, books launched.  With all that going on it’s easy to see how time feels accelerated.  So, how soon does it take for a blog to reach adulthood, middle-age, the golden years?

Me, I see my blog as just beginning to mature.  I still catch myself making youthful, headstrong, selfish mistakes, but I’m becoming comfortable with my place in this world and the expectations I’ve created.  I’ve gone from crawling in January 2009…to baby-steps in July…to confident strides today.  All in one year.  Like I said…dog years.

What about you?  How old is your blog and where do you fall in the blog aging process?


  1. I read on another just the other day that an average blog only has a six month life span! So, YAY! for've doubled that ;-)

    My 6 month anniversary will be coming up next month, so I'm doing pretty good, I think ;-) I'm trying to stick around for awhile. I love all the people I have met and the connections I have made. Plus, I like sharing my stuff with other people.

    Congrats for your blogg success!


  2. I'm a newborn pup if we are in dog years here *giggles at metaphor*. I have only been around for about two months and haven't really found my "blog" voice yet. But it's been a lot of fun so far meeting new people, watching the journey, and sharing the experience with as you say "like minded" folks. Since I'm a wobbly pup without my sea legs yet it will be interesting to see what more mature bloggers think.

  3. DL, I have one of those older blogs. Not sure what date it began, but it's over five years old now. I blogged about once a week for three years with little or no feedback. Then around a year and a half ago, I really began to focus and post more often. I also began following and commenting on other blogs. That made all the differenc in the world!

  4. My blog is merely a puppy, and I am truly enjoying the experience. It is such a great way to express yourself and be creative. Love the analogy...Happy Birthday to your blog! Awesome :-)

  5. You know, I've noticed the exact same thing. I keep thinking, "Where are all the older blogs?!?!" Are they like, brought out back and killed if they reach 3 years? LOL!

    My blog just reached a year old back in April. I'm not quite sure where I fall in dog years *shrugs*

  6. NIce way to look at it. I feel the same, my blog is just starting to mature but not ready for college. ;)

  7. I began my blog for Nano last year...only to communicate with 4 other nano-writer-friends...I planned to close it down in early Dec. after we were done discussing our progress.

    But a couple other writers found me, and so I left it up as a way for us to see how each other were doing.

    In January more people found me, and I enjoyed reading their blogs...and I began posting more often and now, somehow, I have almost 300 followers (and nearly that many that I follow) and, as you so perfectly said, I have made many friends and my beloved CPs in this wonderful writers community of bloggers.

    I have no set plan for my posts, no particular goal for my blog, I just post when and what I feel like. For me, it's more about visiting all of YOUR blogs, the fellowship, the laughter, and far less about my blog content.

    CONGRATS on your blog success, my friend.

  8. DL--You hit the nail on the head: this tool really turns many expectations on their heads, and things happen quickly and often.

    Never having realized there was this great community of writers out there, starting back to writing felt a lot like deciding to take a walk in the desert. Now it doesn't feel that way. Instead, it feels like I'm heading off on a journey shared by so many other "like minded" people. Like icing on a cake, this feeling of community really does add a whole other layer of joy to the writing process.

    Thanks, friend, for leading the charge!

  9. Interesting stuff - I hadn't thought about the age of blogs before. I started last August (I think - I'll have to check). Like you, I still feel like a bit of a newbie, making those rookie mistakes at times, but getting stronger.

    The people I've 'met' are priceless, and it's hard to imagine losing touch with them - I hope that doesn't happen!

  10. I started my blog almost two years ago but didn't start writing regularly till probably six months in. I have a few blogs I've followed since before I started one that might be in the older category. But I'd never thought of blog years before. Interesting thought.

  11. My blog was a year old in April, and I've noticed the same thing as you have. It seems like most blogs do not make it past two years. I have a theory about this (and it may be completely wrong, this is just how I personally feel).

    When I first started my blog, it was for family and close friends. Now, most of the people who follow me are people I don't know. I almost feel like I have run out of things to say because I can no longer say the things I used to, because I feel that will bore people who don't really know me.

    I know that probably doesn't make sense. My blog used to be fun, and now it brings me stress because I feel like I have to "keep up with the Jones'"

    I'm working on bringing back the magic, and working on falling in love with my blog again. This means I'll be making changes, and it means I may lose followers or lose hits. I've realized that those things aren't as important to me yet. Until I get published, I need to focus on other things.

    That's just me personally, but sometimes I read other people's blogs and can tell they are feeling the same thing as me. With my blog, I guess I'll see what happens in the future :) I hope to be around after the "cut-off point." :)

    Woah, sorry for the super long reply.

  12. I started mine in October of last year, I think. So that makes me, a teenager?

    And you're right, things happen so quickly here, it's like living in a time warp. And I read the same article about the 6 months thing, so I'm glad I made it past that deadline.

    I love this community, I love blogging, where else can you share dreams and hopes and frustrations and get the help you need -- certainly not in the 'real world'. And make such good friends? We may not ever meet each other in person, but everytime I click "on", I know my "friends" are going to be there.

    And by the way, I know I said I was living in NC, but I was in RI for 45 years, so if you don't find anyone from there, count me out of NC. My heart will always be from the Ocean State anyway.

  13. Hi, D.L. Congratulations on the success and growth of this thing called blogging.
    I have been doing this since this past February when crossover horror/Christian vampire novel was released as an e-book.
    I never thought I'd be doing anything like this. I knew there was PR to do, but little did I know. Right?
    Much like you, I started slowly, feeling my way around. I would like to do more, but I start my workday at 3:00 in the morning, reach the office at 4:00 and don't get home to my PC until about 3:00 in the afternoon. Those two hours can go pretty quickly.
    As time goes by I am hoping to get more efficient at posting, following and following-up. On the other hand, at some point that second novel in the series is going to be handed off to the publisher, and I am going to have to begin writing book three.
    Whew! We'll see what happens.
    Thanks for the question, and once again, congrats.

  14. I actually started my first blog about five years ago. I kept up with it steadily but had to abandon it because of a sociopath. That very blog served as a springboard for the book I'm currently working on. Since then I had two other blogs, each time abandoning them because of the same sociopath. I finally "stopped running" and have settled down with this one. Unfortunately I lost many readers, either because I had to make the first two private, or they had no idea where I went. Hopefully one day they'll find me again.

    Congrats on your anniversary!!!

  15. Congratulations!!

    I've only been blogging since January...of this year! haha!

    Hopefully, I'll keep it up all the way past publication of many novels. ;P

  16. Mine is about 6 months old. It is still a baby and learning. It's an interesting fact you noticed and it's true for most of the blogs I follow as well, but I do have a few that are 5 years old.

  17. Congrats on a year of blogging!!

    I started blogging in mid-January and I still feel very new to it all. However, I love the blogging community of writers and plan on sticking with it.

  18. Erica ~ Everybody was a pup at some point, but from what I've seen your blog is growing up fast! I hope that we can learn something from each other. :)

    Carrie ~ Another pup. This is such an enjoyable experience that the time will past quickly! Just watch.

    JP ~ Well said! Safe journeys my friend!

    Catherine ~ Leave it to me to think about something obscure! :) Congrats on your own success!!

    James ~ Congrats on your NOVEL success! Thats what we're all (well most of us) are her for. The blogging routine will come with time.

    Southpaw ~ I call the ones older than 3years old...the ELDERS. :)

  19. Dang, I'm an Elder...

    I wonder what did happen to all the other blogs that started when I began?

  20. I just started last February and am amazed to have 76 followers here and 23 on FB. I love this world and the new "friends" I've made. Happy Birthday to Cruising Altitude. Keep on cruisin'!

  21. DL - My blog is a bit in the older stages. I started it in '07 as a means to keep in touch with fam and friends - no writing just updates. Then in '09 I discovered an author's blog then another writer blog then another and another and another...well I realized that for almost two years I had been nestled away in a cocoon. Granted it was a nice cocoon, nurtured and loved by very important people; but when I opened the door to letting all these amazing, talented, wonderful writers in I discovered a growth that still astounds me.

    I consider my blog to be a young kid who just joined a sports team. No longer as shy as before, not so afraid to hold the bat or kick the ball and stretching her wings a bit. Learning something new everyday and forming relationships that I hope will last forever.

    Happy birthday Cruising Altitude! We love having you around ;o)I am proud to know you and ecstatic to be on the field with you ;o)

  22. Wow, that's really exciting! It makes me wonder where me and my blog will be in one year!

    I've been blogging for only 10 weeks, so I'm still a puppy. I've connected with so many wonderful writers, which has been the greatest reward.

    Congrats on your blogging success!!!

  23. I started mine in October, but I'd consider mine still in childhood. Some people read it, fewer still comment, but those who are reading like it. I just need to work on coming out obscurity some more and thinking up ways to make my posts more interesting and engaging.

  24. Sheshhh, I never thought there was an ending point to having a blog. I was thinking if (I mean when) I get published I would come up with a kid friendly blog rather than a writer friendly one...I began my blog last September and have no plans for quitting.

  25. I started my blog back in October, too. It was so much easier to find topics to blog about in the beginning, but now it's getting harder. I guess once I hit another milestone in my WIP or start something new I'll find more interesting stuff to blog about again:)

  26. My blog was started right after Thanksgiving of 2009, so it's less than a year old. I didn't realize blogs had "life expectancies", but I think I can see why.

    You start out with high expectations of writing every day, and maybe you do. Then life gets in the way and you're lucky to write once a week. I can see how easily it would be to drop the blog if it became something you weren't expecting - work!

    I tried not to set any goals or expectations on my blog. It's about writing, or my vacations, or any other stuff I wish to share. I don't worry about who my audience is. I just use it as a tool to write.

    None of my followers are family - they all started out as strangers. If they enjoyed my rantings to follow, then I'll continue to rant!

    Congrats on making it to the one year mark and to the awesome amount of followers you have. One of these days, I'll get myself out there more and get more than ten!

  27. Jaleh ~ And that's how a blog matures (IMHO). The supporters and comments will follow. :)

  28. I created a blog spot in October 2009, but did not post until January 2010, with the intention of two a month. Now it's twice a week, and will be daily while taking creative boot camp these next two weeks. I feel often guilty that I run out of time to support and comment as much as I want to.
    Congratulations on your one year annivesary coming up!

  29. I've noticed the same thing about blogs. They do tend to have a very short life span. I'm always intrigued when I see one that has been around for a year or more. Mine has been around for about six months. I don't have any plans of taking it down but there are times when I get exhausted from keeping it up and that's when my posts get sporadic, like lately. Congrats on the one year blog mark! That's awesome :)

  30. You know, I've never really thought about my blogs lifespan. Maybe because I will always blog. It might not be every day or every other day, but there will always be something I want to share. So, I doubt I ever stop. :)

  31. I can't believe you've only been at it a year! Wow, you've come a long way, baby!

    I love the connection with other writers. I thought blogging would be a chore, but I love it!

    Congratulations on your blogging success.

  32. haha so weird that you're posting this, because i was just thinking about this same topic! tomorrow is my 3-month bloggoversary. hehe. i started blogging on March 8, 2010, and i've met so many amazing people since then! (yourself included!)

    it's so awesome to see how much we can accomplish without ever even meeting each other.

    we have such an amazing community!

    i hope you keep blogging for a long, long time!

  33. I hadn't thought about it, but you're right. All the blogs I read have about the same "age" as mine. My first post was Dec. 29, '09.

    Since that time, I've really become comfortable with the format. I recently realized keeping up with a post a day was too much for me. I'm down to three a week and that feels much more doable. Maybe bloggers burn out because they try to maintain a crazy pace? I know doing too much each day only adds stress, which is not what I'm after in a blog!

    Your posts are always so thought-provoking!

  34. I hope my blog lasts quite awhile! You are doing very well, how exciting to approach another milestone! I am with Justine and heard that the average blog has a 6month time span. I'm close to mine but I'm going to beat the odds and not be the average!

    Right now it's been 5 months (almost six) and 478 followers later. I don't not all the other stats, but you seem much more aware than I am!! Much more technical... hehe I am not!

  35. I started in Sept 09, but didn't really understand what I was doing or have any real direction until the beginning of this year. I agree that our blogs probably age in dog years. Things move fast when you mark the "days" by posts. At any rate, I'm glad you have your blog and hope it's around for many more dog years to come. ;)

  36. If we're going by dog blog is an old maid! LOL

    Glad to be back. :)

  37. I hear you on this one. It seems as though most of the blogs I follow have been around for about as long as mine, give or take six months or so (I started blogging last September). It appears as though there's a certain "class" of bloggers (as in we're all working toward graduation/publication at kind of the same pace), and a lot of my followers are in the same boat as me.

    I'd agree that blogs seem to age faster. Blogger burnout happens too, and faster than one might expect.

    So... congrats on the almost-milestone, good sir. Hopefully we'll all graduate soon.

  38. Congrats on making it to a whole year--and on all your followers!

    I don't really have a "blog." I mean, I kind of do, but it's on the website I help run, where we have forums and stuff as well. The website is only a few months old and we don't have a follow button, so it's hard to see how many people are coming by on a daily basis. Our site stats are pretty steady though. :) Any tips from an experienced blogger on getting more followers?

    Lately, we've been hosting some contests. Our latest one is fun--it's a lyrical story. All you have to do is add to the story with a song lyric--first prize is a $25.00 I-Tunes card. Just go to our site and click the blog link. Hope to see you over there!

    Again, congrats on all your success. :)

  39. The measurement of "Internet Age" is a conversation that I've had a few times...working in the software industry and specifically in the web development world, the relevance and "up-to-date"-ness of web sites and content is something we try to keep an eye on.

    As with anything on the web, things change so quickly that anything older than a year or so (or sometimes even 3-6 months) can be considered either "elderly" (on the way out) or "successful" (and thus something to keep an eye on). In the blog world, I think those definitions can vary since the blog content is so wildly variable.

    In any case, a 1 year milestone is huge in blogging. Congratulations.

    As for me, I "joined" the blogging world in late 2004 and had a handful of sporadic posts from 2004 through 2005. In ~early 2006, I started making more regular posts...trying to make at least one every week, sometimes more. They weren't always the most relevant, but they worked for me. I've had bouts with flamers/spammers and gone back and forth on comments/privacy. I've shared things ranging from personal, to reviews, to random humor or news, to just plain pointless stuff. I've made over 600 posts but have fewer than 60 "followers" (I pushed for followers a couple of times, but then figured I'd just let it happen gradually rather than trying to market myself).

    Overall, I've had a lot of fun blogging. I've enjoyed following other people's blogs (just checked and I'm currently following ~250 blogs...which explains why it takes me so long to catch up on posts each week) and getting to know people through their posts and comments.

    I think "Twitter" is potentially pulling away some bloggers. I also think there are plenty of folks who will stay in the blogging world for a while.

    It's a great outlet for thoughts and's also a cool way for people to "publish" their creativity/work/etc to the world and let us all share in the genius that may otherwise be buried behind the world of bureaucratic nonsense.

  40. Happy Birthday, LSU Tiger! I also read about the six month demise and, sadly, it seems to be so. I'll be a year the end of July. Actually, I feel like I'm just now getting my water wings. There are so many nice people in Blogville. Life is just richer sharing with them

    And I gave you and others a shout-out on my blog today.

  41. Julie ~ Time flies when your having fun!! This has been such a wonderful experience!

    Tahereh ~ You (and your blog) are truly are a shooting star, and it is so easy to see why! The creativity and energy you put into each of your post is something I envy. Thanks for being one of the reasons I love this SOOOOO much!

    Jen ~ You don't have to be a techie to know what your doing...and you do! We'll be congratulating each other on milestones for some time to come.

    Callie ~ Maybe you should add a follower button. I've been to your websites several times and always mean to contribute, but I get side-tracked. Your contest sounds extremely interesting!!

    Okie ~ I think you raise an interesting point about Twitter. The call it mini-blogging, but I don't see it. I see Twitter as a good tool to promote your writing...but it cn definitely become a severe distraction!

  42. Very interesting & congrats on your upcoming blog birthday! :-) Love all your post, even if I don't always have time to comment.

  43. Happy birthday to you (you should be thanking your lucky stars you can't hear me singing!)

    As blogs go, I'm still in diapers. April 3rd was my first post and it's been just over 2 months. So many awesome people!

  44. DL--You're such an award magnet, but I still couldn't resist: there's a little something over at your place for me. :)

  45. Dude, why did my comment appear so many times?? Ahhhhh!! Freaky.

    By the way, I mentioned you in my Vlog today ;)

  46. Happy Anniversary.

    I'm on eleven months with my blog. The earliest date I've seen on a blog is 2007. I don't think it became a trend until just recently, within the last couple of years or so. But, what do I know?

  47. Congrats! You've won a prize in my book title contest. "Cruise" by and pick up your winnings when ya get a chance. :)

    PS My blog is a year and eight months old.

  48. Ever heard the Rush song, "Dog Years?"

    In a dog's life
    A year is really more like seven
    And all too soon
    The canine will be chasing cars in doggie heaven
    It seems to me
    As we make our own few circles round the sun
    We get it backwards
    And our seven years go by like one

    This is the song I heard as I read your blog today!

  49. I really like your blog! I'm a new author and have enjoyed this new experience. I find that it's the most difficult and most rewarding. I'm also a graphic designer and love having that creative outlet as well.
    Thanks for your post! I will be back for more updates. :-)

    Melissa Nielsen

  50. Melissa ~ Welcome aboard! New blogs or old, we're all just asking questions and searching for answers. Good luck with your blog!!

  51. I started blogging Oct 2008. I blogged for 6 months or more with only 1-5 readers. Then I caught onto the fact that in order to get blog traffic, it helps to visit & comment on other blogs, too. A Duh! moment for me, indeed.

    Blogging has opened so many infinite doors for me, both in publishing and friendship. I am still in awe of the blog world & it's immediacy, beauty & resiliency.




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