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Be my DJ?

One of my blogging buddies, Kristi at Random Daily Thoughts, is always posting songs on her blog that inspire and bring a smile to her face.  Sometimes I can recognize the musicians, but often times I don’t and I end up jotting down their names.  Last week, Julie at Silver Lining posted a link to a song I had never heard before by One Republic.  I loved it and immediately darted over to iTunes to add it to my collection (along with some other Republic songs).  Later that same week Emily at Stepping Into Fantasy posted a different song by the Newsboys.  Once again, I had never heard the song before, but I thought it was awesome so off I went to iTunes again.   

Seeing a trend here?

I love my music and listen to it constantly (I'm listening to the new Kenny Chesney CD right now).  I spend a lot of time trolling the music sites looking for an artist or group I haven’t been exposed to yet that will become my next great download.  I am forever in search for that diamond in the rough, music by aspiring musicians struggling to break into the big time.  Doesn't that type of scenario seem familiar to anyone?

After the great finds I was alerted to by Kristi, Julie and Emily, I figured why not put the power of this blogosphere to work. So, here's where you can help.  Do you have a song (or songs) you’d like to recommend?  I’m not after TOP 40 type stuff, but rather something off the beaten path that hasn't hit the mainstream yet, but totally belongs there.  Rock, Country, Alternative, Instrumental, I’m open to anything (except Rap!).    

As a way of illustrating what I'm after, here's an example of a song I never hear on the radio but I absolutely LOVE.  It's by DAMON DOTSON and its called Glad to be Alive.  The quality of the video leaves something to be desired, but the music shines through.

Let's see what your gems are!


  1. I'd love to help, but my music taste seems to have stunted mid-90s. I'm sure you've heard all of my favorites already :-) But for the record, I'm a huge Green Day fan. And Beatles. And Offspring. Queen, David Bowie, They Might Be Giants, The Darkness ... you probably see the trend here!


  2. Most of what I listen to is off the beaten path!
    I recommend a band called Redemption - very melodic progressive rock and their current disc is a concept album.

  3. For current/new music: Mumford and Sons has been on constant repeat for me lately. And 10 Years.

    They're what's getting me through this round of revisions. (with some older Incubus thrown in)

  4. that guy was super good!
    i'd recommend not without grace- a swedish youtube band who might have just found an agent!!
    and anavox... not sure if they're still together...

  5. Good topic. Every Monday/Tuesday I post a few songs I like to listen to while I write. Most fit the description. A couple rec's

    Ben Kweller - in other words
    mgmt - the kids'
    phosphorescent - wolves

  6. I recommend the band Fair to Midland.

    I have a video on my blog of my favorite of their songs (though it's hard to choose just one)

  7. I recently started listening to music by 30 Seconds to Mars. Kings and Queens, The Kill, and This is War are a few of my favorites by them.

  8. I'm one of those boring country music/Christian station listeners. Sorry.

  9. I've been introduced to some great material thru other bloggers as well, but I tend not to keep track of it much. The most recent thing I've followed up on is a Queensryche CD a few bloggers recommended to me--progressive metal. Also, I went to see a prog rock band called Spocks Beard after an invite from a fellow blogger and that was really cool--if you like prog rock this group is great.
    To give you an idea of where I am these days, I've been repeatedly listening to Bruckner's 2nd Symphony for the last 3 days. Okay so I'm too lazy to find something else. But really--classical provides me the best writing inspiration.

    Tossing It Out

  10. I'm currently listening to Brandon Flowers' "Crossfire". I really like that song. Of course, I'm a big Killers fan, too.

    I also love Weezer and Muse and Coldplay - big writing motivators for me.

  11. Great idea! I love sharing music loves! One of my blogging buddies (KM) has gotten be hooked on Muse. They are really fun.

    One of my current favorite songs is by Switchfoot "Your love is a song". I also love their song "The Blues" from an older album. Oh and "Let your love be strong." "Yesterdays"... "The Fatal Wound"... "Daisy"... you know.. all their slow ones are just amazing. LOL.

  12. I'm a very confused music lover...Cat Stevens, AC/DC, Celine Dion, Cold Play, Flo Rida, Rihanna, Trace Atkins, Toby Keith, REO, Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline....See what I mean?

    Have a great Sunday...

  13. In the spirit of this post, a great disc I found this week is "Love, War and the Ghost of Whitey Ford". Especially love "Die In Your Arms" and "The Ocean." Skip the first track. You won't like it if you don't like rap, but it's the only rap song of 17 tracks. "Die in You Arms..." is on YouTube.




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