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I Now Have A Blogging Buddy in Every State!!

I did it…or shall I say we did it!  I now have a ‘Like Minded’ follower from every state in the US.  Want proof?  Here they all are.

Alabama                   Courtney (Southern Princess) & LTM                                                          
Alaska                      Paul G & Stephanie Thornton                                               
Arizona                    Tina L                                                
Arkansas                  Tamara                                               
California                 Donna, James Garcia, Tahereh, Julie & Kat 
Colorado                  Patricia                                                          
Connecticut              Green Monkey                                                           
Delaware                  T.J. Carson                                                     
Florida                     Wendy, Liz (Cleverly Inked), Matt, & Terri             
Georgia                    Callie, Nicole, Summer, Harley, MelissaErica, OliviaMatthew
Idaho                       Amy                                                   
Illinois                      J. Leigh                                                          
Indiana                     Justine, Bethany Mattingly                                       
Iowa                        Jade, Sharon & Vicki Rocho                         
Kansas                     Portia, Renae & Aspiring_X                                              
Kentucky                 Karen Lange & Jules                                                 
Louisiana                 Dawn                                                  
Maine                      Heather                                                          
Maryland                 Jenn                                                    
Massachusetts          Amandasaurus &Theresa Milstein                                      
Michigan                  Propinquity & j.m. neeb                                            
Minnesota                Sarah (Falen) & Hannah (Palindrome)                                             Mississippi               Katie
Missouri                  Susan                                                 
Montana                  Shannon, Leah & Lilah                                 
Nebraska                 Lydia                                                  
Nevada                    Eva                                                     
New Hampshire        Disgruntled Bear                                                       
New Jersey               Alissa & Lola                                    
New Mexico             Karen Walker                                                
New York                Christopher, Jaleh & Rebecca T                               
North Carolina          L.Diane W, Anne, Tara, Charity, Kristi & Michelle
North Dakota            Roxane Salonen                                                         
Ohio                         Stacy                                                  
Oklahoma                 Julie                                                   
Oregon                     Valerie                                                           
Pennsylvania             Amy, Gina, Laura & Cara                 
Rhode Island             Trish                                                  
South Carolina           Mary Brebner                                                
South Dakota             Yaya                                                   
Tennessee                  Myra                                                  
Texas                         Kimberly, Christi, Jen, Sandy Shin & Kristin                                
Utah                           Tiana, Elana & Elizabeth M             
Vermont                     Julie                                                   
Virginia                      Elena & Janet Johnson                                              
Washington                Dr. Heckle                                                     
Wisconsin                  Heidi & Ann                                      
Wyoming                   Jessica & Summer Ross                                            
West Virginia             Andrea Franco-Cook             

I know I’m a writer, but I’m at a loss to find the words to properly express the gratitude to each of the names above.  And not only those, but every one of you who took time out of your busy schedules to assist me with my quest.  A special thank you to Elana Johnson, for pointing me toward that elusive 50th state.  I owe each of you a heart hug (that’s where you squeeze so tight you can feel the beating of each other’s heart) and I expect to be held to that promise!  So far, I’ve handed out two. *waves to Nicole & Summer*

Don’t see your name on the list, that’s because you never left me a comment letting me know where you were from.  Don’t worry, that’s easily fixed if you wish to be included.  Just leave me a comment below and I’ll be happy to add you to my worksheet.  A tip of the hat to Georgia and North Carolina for being the two states with the most ‘Like Minded’.  :)

I feel like I’ve actually achieved something significant.  What started as an off the cuff pipe-dream became a reality, and I almost gave up on it.  I wonder what other dreams I can make come true? Hmmmmmmm?? Maybe I should send that query letter after all.

This one is not quite finished yet though.  I have 23 countries out of 195 represented, so I still have a long way to go there.  But I’m not giving up.  In time, I’ll have them all too!

Again, a heartfelt Thank You!


  1. Good stuff! Knew you'd find that last state. Oh, and NC as well.

  2. Congrats! That's a huge achievement and absolutely start sending out those query letters...

  3. Congratulations! I definitely think you should send the query letter as well. Sounds like you're in a good flow :)

  4. Woo hoo! Doing a happy dance for you over here in NC!

    Congrats on Mission on to Mission #2 Query Letter. ;-)

  5. A fantastic undertaking to be sure. congrats.

    And hey, you better send out that query, I just found another agent for you.

  6. DL: I'm in Ohio. Add me to the special sheet!


  8. Congrats on hitting your goal of all 50 States!! Good job :)

  9. Yeay!! I knew you'd get there! Congrats!

  10. Yah! Now work on every country in the world... joking.


  11. I knew you could do ti! YAY! And, whoa--how long did it take you to type out all those links?


  12. So cool!! I've seen a ton of blogs looking to help you out!! Oh, yeah...I'm a Mainer with Heather. Great state.

  13. WHOOHOO!!! and no one had to move!!! hooray!

    most definitely you need to send out that query letter!

    and you could chalk me up with the other kansans if you want to. :)

  14. Congratulations, D.L., way to go! I'm another Georgia girl and my proverbial hat's off to you!

    ~that rebel, Olivia

  15. This is so cool. Congrats DL!

    Also, you can add me to GA if you'd like.

  16. This is fantastic! You so have to start aiming for the countries now :o) You've got at least one from Greece!

  17. Woo!!! Katie in Mississippi! I'll have to go say hello. We've waited so long for them to relent. :D LOL!

    And OK, what's the deal? I'm in AL... no love in the b'house. ;p j/k~ <3

  18. CONGRATULATIONS! I knew you'd hit your goal eventually. This is awesome news.

    Also, you have another Floridian to add to your list . . .

    Now, the countries! I believe it can happen.

  19. Waaaa-hoooooooo! Victory is yours!

    Now...send out those query letters! :-)

  20. WOO HOO! That's amazing! I'm all jealous of those of you who live in states with lots of other bloggers.

  21. Congrats on the assembly of your state representatives. :)

    I am also from KY, thought I had told you but it's okay I'm going to meet the other KY Rep. :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  22. That is a pretty cool accomplishment! Congratulations! And, BTW, I'm from VA too. :)

  23. Whoa, bud, that's a LIST! Congrats. I've said it before, but I really do think of you as a writing/blogging ambassador. I've met so many wonderful people because of you. Thanks for being the sticky stuff that holds us all together :-)


  24. Congrats! Wow, us NC people should get together sometime.

  25. Really, I was your Arkansas person??? Too cool!

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. YAY!!! I'm glad you didn't give up! That's super awesome, and so cool you shared all the links. I can't wait to check out everyone's blogs!

    Cheers to the other Pennsylvanians!!!

  28. Well done, but I never doubted for a second that you wouldn't achieve your goal.

    Now onwards and upwards for world domination!

  29. Awesome, DL! And, look at me from (if you include Alex) the most popular writing state [known on your blog] :D

  30. Congrats on having a blogging buddy in every state. That's awesome.

  31. Woohoo!! Big happy dance for you going on up here!! :)


  32. Yay, congratulations! :D

    I'm another Texan. :)

  33. Good for you. I'm glad you never, ever gave up!

  34. I think this was a super-cool quest of yours and I'm glad you have found its end!

  35. Maybe you can go continent by continent, DL :) Try Europe next. You've already got Ireland right here!

  36. I'm in Jersey now, but as a born-and-raised in New York, please include in your NY column.

  37. DL: get to my blog at once! I left you an award~

    uhh... this is not spam. ;p

    I appreciate that you still refuse to put me in Alabama. I've been feeling that way myself lately... lol! :D

  38. Hi! I've got an award for you at my blog.

    p.s. You can add me to your North Dakota list. hehe.

  39. Way to go! Congrats, but don't forget to add me to your Louisiana list!

  40. Congrats! Now you can work on the Canadian provinces. I think there's 14 now (though it might be 13. I can't remember).

  41. Rayna ~ Thank you!

    Kristi ~ Query letters going out this weekend. :)

    Amie ~ Yeeeee Hawwwww!!

    Sara ~ I have you snugly fit into Utah now! :)

    Kelly ~ Can you ever have enough Floridians?

    April ~ VA logged. Thank you!!

    Donna ~ Up up and away!

    Carrie ~ Thank you!!

    Sandy ~ Your just a stones throw away from me!! :)

    Rosslyn ~ Thank you!

    Ellen ~ It's a big task...and taking small bites makes sense.

  42. Woohoo! Congrats, that's quite an accomplishment! :)

  43. Woo-hoo! Congratulations...I'm another one from Utah if you feel the need to further fill out your list.

    Here's to your world domination goal. Good luck. :)




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