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Q & A Time

In five hours I'm hopping in a car and driving 8.5 hours to Atlanta to watch some football (GEAUX TIGERS!) and visit with friends for the long weekend, so I haven't really had time to come up with any deep meaningful posts to fill the void while I'm gone.  I did have an idea though.

I've really enjoyed posts from my fellow bloggers where they solicited questions from their followers and then turn around and answered them on their blog.  So, why not, I thought to myself.  Then myself answered by pointing out that this could be an EPIC fail if I only get a single question...from my wife...wondering when I was going to get around to mowing the grass.  Again myself pointed out that I should quit being a wimp and stop basing decisions on whether or not the idea will be well received or not.

Myself won out, so here's how this is going to work (always got to have a twist).  Post your questions for me in the comments.  You can ask as many as you want and don't be shy in coming up with the questions either...I can take it.  Go ahead...I dare you to try and embarrass me! :P  In a couple days I'll post all of the questions and have everybody pick their top five. Once I tabulate those votes, the five with the most will be answered first.'s up to you now.  Let's see what you got for me?


  1. Fun!! Okay, here goes:

    1. How much of yourself goes into your main characters?

    2. Have you based a character on your wife, and if so, does she know about it?

    3. Plain or Peanut?

    Can't wait for Saturday! Drive safe :D

  2. LOL! Epic fail if only your wife asks Qs... As if that would happen.

    I'll ask you the same one I asked Jen: Which superpower and why--invisible or flying.


  3. So here's my question: why are a team from LA and a team from NC meeting up in GA? Just another reason I don't get football...

  4. Hmmmm. A question. Ok - How do you really feel about blogging? Do you love every minute of it, do you feel like it's a popularity contest? Do you think it takes up a lot of time? Do you enjoy meeting new people?

    Ok, so I realize that's about 5 questions, but it's all rolled up into the first one :)

  5. Why the obsession to find bloggers in every state and country?

    And I want to know when you're going to mow the lawn, too.

  6. If you were doomed to only ever eat one kind of donut again, what kind would it be?

  7. Ok.

    If you knew you were going to die...
    What would you eat as your last meal and why? The sky's the limit

  8. Hi,

    Imagine Planet Earth is approaching meltdown and your family has been selected to take flight on a space escape plan

    Bearing in mind you can only take one backpack each and one item for a cargo hold, what do you hold most dear to your heart and would have to take with you?

    The answer will say more about you than you'll ever know!

    Have a great footballing day!

  9. My question - why on earth would you want to drive in Atlanta? Yes, you're devoted fan, and I'm sure hordes of UNC fans will be streaming from NC this weekend on the same quest. But I've been to Atlanta. Why????

    Sorry, eight lanes of traffic going both directions at a standstill just gets to me...

  10. if you HAD to eat/drink one which would it be:
    toe jams or the contents of the mayo jar (you know which one)?

  11. Hmm, let's see. 8.5 hours to Atlanta, you can't be for Clemson. Auburn is too close too ... You must be ... an LSU fan? Chik-Fil-A kickoff game? Georgia dome?

    Awesome. Enjoy.

  12. What character (in any medium) do you wish you could be like?

  13. If a vampire king found you and said you're going to be his next queen...or else. Would you go willingly or start whittling the stakes now?

    What's the strangest (yet most plausible) character name you can come up with?

    When are you going to mow the lawn?

  14. What celebs were your teen crushes!!

    Favorite bands/musicians?

    Favorite Movie Quote?

  15. Here goes: what's the most awesome piece of writing advice that's rocked your world? :)

  16. What is your favorite non-technical gadget?

    So if you are not going to mow your grass, will you mow mine? :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  17. I've considered doing a Q & A before, but haven't for the same reasons--what if no one asks any (good) questions.

    Other people might know this, but I don't so here goes:

    What kind of books do you write?

    Where are you at in the publishing process?

  18. LOVE Q&A!!

    Here's mine:

    Why mysteries?

    Do you ever worry that you'll run out of good mysterious storylines?

  19. Star Wars or Star Trek?

    Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot?

    Truck or car?

  20. Okay, here's mine: Who's on your Top Five list?

    (You know, like on that old episode of Friends, where they all list five celebrities they'd like to "be with" and the wife/girlfriend can't get mad.)

  21. Bruce Springsteen decides to retire. He will give a single farewell concert in a venue that seats one hundred people. Tickets aren't to be purchased, but earned through the most creative expression of fan appreciation.

    How will you convince the Boss to let past the velvet rope?

  22. I'm about to scold myself for sloppy editing (we have family coming in from New England tomorrow, and my mind is cloudy from a week of Making the House Look Perfect, Somewhat But Not Really Like a Hotel).

    There should be a "you" after "let" in my above comment.

  23. Question: Okay, so, the world's about to be destroyed, and you have to seek asylum in outer space and can only bring one item with you. What do you bring?

    Drive safe and have fun!

  24. I love these question things, but suck at coming up with good ones . . . especially at 5:51 am.

    Love your epic fail comment. You crack me up everytime. :D

  25. The fire alarm goes off in your house and you grab _____ before you get out (assuming your family is safely outside already)

    Your first childhood memory

    Which Disney Princess are you most like?

    And...Are you going to follow through on your "hooker" photo?

  26. Ooohhh, I love this. Have fun at the game by the way!

    My question, hmmmm....
    Most embarassing thing that's ever happened to you??? Because I love these kinds of stories!

    BTW - left a goodie for you at my blog today!

  27. So you have (or want) bloggers in almost every state and many countries...but how many of those states/countries have YOU visited?

    Great idea! I keep meaning to steal this one.


  28. Did you ever eat at McDonald's on Race Street in 1985-86?

    Coke or Pepsi?

  29. Geaux Tigers! I'm not a huge football fan, but I support the Louisiana teams. :-)

    My question: rice or potato salad?

  30. Hi D.L. I'm here from KarenG's barbeque. I mett Jenna Wallace there and she said you're short a follower from West Virginia. FWIW, now you're not.(: I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  31. Oops, I misspelled "met"...Not a great way to make a first impression.(:

  32. Hi D.L.! Over from the BBQ and it's always nice to meet another L.S.U. fan! Geaux Tigers!

    Here's my question: What is your favorite food? Hope it's Cajun!

  33. Popped over from Nicole Ducleroir's blog via KarenG's Labour Day BBQ.

    So Okay, I am from Ireland and if I had meet your blog 2 weeks ago you would have a follower from the southeast coast of Ireland, but now you have a follower from Northern Wisconsin.

    My question: Have you been to Ireland or Northern Wisconsin?

  34. Hey, I'm dropping by from the BBQ and just became one the "The Like Minded".
    Geaux Tigers - love it.




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