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So close…and yet…so far

Don’t worry, my LSU Tiger football team did win their season opener against North Carolina on Saturday, but it was an agonizing heart stopper for sure.  That’s not what I’m lamenting about with my blog title.

If you follow Nicole or Summers blogs (and if you don’t…shame on you), then you’ve probably already read about our rendezvous this past weekend.  My wife and I’ve been planning the trip to Atlanta to watch the football game for almost a year, but it was only recently that I suggested meeting up with my Georgian blogging friends.  Melissa wanted to come also, but for some reason she finds it necessary to live in the southern part of the state and couldn’t make it. Everybody synched schedules and plotted our collision course for a nifty restaurant just outside the Mall of Georgia!

To say I was a little bit nervous would be like saying the Titanic fell just a couple miles short of its destination.  What had I done? Me, the introvert, the one who usually avoids social gatherings like Charlie Browns Pig Pen avoids soap, planning something where I would actually have to think on the fly and be without my comforting keyboard buffer?  I tell myself this is me stretching my comfort zone, because if I ever were to be published these type of things could become commonplace.  Suck it up, I say, full speed ahead and leave the parachute on the ground! *GULP*

So here’s the thing.  I actually like these people.  A LOT!  And I’m not just talking about Nicole and Summer (I already knew I was going to like them).  Their hubby’s were great people also.  I laughed hard at Christian’s “I don’t care” remark/attitude, and Evan’s stories about how everything can be linked back to the Cherokee language. Our 3+ hours together flew by!  It was tremendous fun and I wanted more.

The morale of this story?  Be careful what you ask for!  I got my wish…I met two of by blogging BFF’s…but now I have to resolve myself to the fact that I’ll only be able to steal a couple of hours in person with them whenever the planets align.  I know we have our blogs, facebook, twitter, and e-mail to keep in touch, we are writers after-all, but nothing beats the interactivity of face-to-face conversations.

You two are not only great writers and awesome bloggers…you’re “good people” as well!


  1. it is so wonderfully you were able to see them face to face!

  2. Awww, D.L. that is so sweet. I still dream of the day I can meet some bloggy bff's in person. You're so lucky! :-)

  3. Looks like you had a great weekend! Would be great to have a big blogger party Vegas! FUN!

  4. Awwwww....but so true! You & Kim are definitely "good people" too! You weren't the only one nervous, but it went away as soon as everyone walked up. :)

    So glad you were able to swing this! And hopefully I'll still be in GA the next time you come... :D

  5. I love meeting blogger buddies :) Sounds like you had a good time!

  6. Nothings better than face time; real smiles, real hugs.

    Glad y'all had a great time, and that your Tigers won. :)

  7. You're all so lucky - what fun to meet each other in person! Looks like you all had a great time - AND your team won. What a great weekend! :)

  8. Hi,

    Lovely when opportunity knocks and one can meet face-on with fellow bloggers!

    Hell, this is one hell of a big writer family though. ;)


  9. I saw you over at Summer's blog! So fun! :)

  10. How fun! I love meeting up with my blogging buddies!

  11. I had already read about your meeting but its good to know you all felt the same :)

    Congrats on the wish come true!
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  12. How fun! Even if you only ever meet once - prior to a book signing that is - at least you had an excellent experience.

    Love the pix DL. You look soooo cool in a cowboy hat. It fits your face well.


  13. Already saw pictures on Nicole and Summer's blogs. I'd been nervous, too. I'm not a big socializer.
    And considering UNC was missing half of their starters, they made it interesting.

  14. Yay, I'm glad LSU won! My best friend is from Louisiana and he is a die-hard LSU fan, so I will always cheer them on for him :-)

    Thanks for sharing pics from your blogging buddy rendezvous! It must be great to put voices to the words we see so often on our screens. Our supportive community must be applauded!

  15. I can't stop talking to C about you and Summer. I'm so glad our spouses were in on our fun. I know my husband understands a little better why my blog buddies are so special to me. And your wife is such a sweetie! Glad to hear you got home safe and sound. Now, when are you coming back to GA?? :))

  16. I'm here for the blog barbecue but I see that only crumbs are left! *grumbles* That's awesome that you got to meet up with your blogger BFF's in Real Life. I've met some internet friends, one from England, and have been pleased to find that they're normal!

  17. i'm glad you had fun!! and now i wonder how everything can be related back to the cherokee language...

  18. That is very cool. I've had the same experience with online friends - you are so nervous before you meet, and then you realize they are exctly the same people in real life.

    Hopefully the planets will align again soon ;)

  19. You got to meet some friends!
    Being from NC, we watched part of the game. Thought it would be a total slaughter, which it wasn't. Stupid UNC - why did they hire a coach with a record of violations?


    They wanted to keep the tension up... :D




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