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WRiTE CLUB - Round 2 Results

The second round was a bit of a blow out with the majority of the votes going to one contestant, but the score was a bit deceiving as just about everyone found merits in both WRiTER's work.  Myself, I enjoyed both pieces and was glad I didn't have to cast a deciding vote.  The total number of votes was also down a bit this week, but with NaNo in full swing that's to be expected. Here are the final results for round 2.

JAMIE STUART - 23 votes     TRIXIE LaRUE - 1 vote

This weeks winner is JAMIE STUART!  JAMIE will join ANNE SHIRLEY in the semi-finals which will begin in February and TRIXIE will go back into the general pool for a possible WRiTE in one of the remaining ten rounds.  Remember, WRiTER's that go back into the pool are free to submit a different 250 word sample in preparation for being selected again, or they can just let their previous submission ride.

As always, the results from all of the rounds will be posted on my WRiTE CLUB page, along with links to all of the writing samples.

Round 3 begins tomorrow morning! :)


  1. I'll be traveling, but best of luck to Round 3 contenders!

  2. If Trixie reads this, she should know it was a very tough vote and her piece was very good. :)

  3. I agree with PK - Trixie was up against a tough one - definitely good writing in there too!

  4. Snaps to both writers, and I echo the sentiments by Pk and Jemi. I think the round was closer than it seemed, based on how the votes fell. It was tough comparing two pieces so different in style and genre. I enjoyed both samples!

  5. Congrats to both! I think Trixie could easily take the win against another piece




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