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Well I Never

Today I’m participating in Vicki Rocho’s WELL I NEVER blogfest to celebrate her 500th post.  I can always count on Vicki to put a smile on my face because she writes some of the most hilarious stuff, so it was really easy to decide to join her blogfest.  It’s pretty simple, all I’m required to do is post the answer to the following prompt:

Well, I never...(you really need to get a good Southern drawl going when you say it)

The answer can be a list of things I've never done, or a tirade on something I just don't understand.  Here goes.

Well, I never…

…dunked a basketball.
…or hit a home run.
…thought less of a person because of the color of their skin.
…jumped out of an airplane.
…jumped onto a moving train.
…had faith.
…exceeded 101 mph in a car.
…liked peas.
…had a sense of smell.
…regretted becoming a husband.
…regretted becoming a father.
…stopped believing in Santa Claus.
…had a stomach for reality television.
…have been to the state of Montana.
…have been able to sing.
…stopped singing.
…believed being popular and being accomplished were co-dependent.
…called in sick, when I wasn’t.
…knowingly intended to hurt another person’s feelings.
…cared who Justin Bieber was, much less who he was dating.
…thought I’d be able to come up with this many I nevers.
…lived alone.
…inhaled. (okay, maybe once or twice)
…grew up.
…knew there was a crater on Mars named NEVER.
…thought I would write a book, much less two.

…say never.

For those of you rising up out of your NaNo hibernation, welcome to December!  Don’t forget to click on the link above to check out the rest of the I Never’s. 

PS.  Round 4 of WRiTE CLUB is waiting for your vote, and the Deja Vu Blogfest scheduled for December 16th is going to be EPIC!  If you haven't signed up yet, do so right now.

Have a great weekend everybody! :)


  1. DL, you are going to be swamped with Justin Bieber searches now. Not only did you just name him by NAME, you also have the misfortune of having a hit on "never say never" which is a big song of his. I only know this because I have daughters who deny their crushes but listen to him repeatedly on Youtube.

    After reading your list, I feel like I should go back and amend mine! You've inspired many more Nevers for me. LOL. Thanks for joining in.

  2. You've never been to Montana. Correct that ASAP,if you dare. Go to Flathead Lake and Swan Valley and Ennis. I love those places. The vast wheat fields and big sky. Then there is Paradise Valley (Chico is a must see) and that little corner of Yellowstone that is in MT WOW! Just sayin'.

    I am so proud (like I had anything to do with it, but you know what I mean) of you that you 'never called in sick when you weren't.

    I knew you were a good guy.

  3. Never been to Montana? All that open road with no speed limit...
    And I'm with you on that second one!

  4. Phew...glad you skipped the 'jumping onto a moving train.' That might have been ugly.

  5. Great post! You made me smile with your list. I'm glad you still believe in Santa Clause. :) I do too. And I'm so with you on that Justin kid. Yuck. Ugh. Soooo glad my daughter doesn't like him. What a fun post...I may have to one of my own.

  6. You're right. We're following the same line of thinking, but I'm starting to feel like I did mine wrong... :D Only one I have to call you on: "never had faith"? I think not, DL. :D

    Write Club, done! Dejavu's next~ Fun stuff!

  7. What a cool list, DL. Good for you for continuing to SING!

  8. Great list! Brought back memories and inspired me to make a few more.
    Wow A guy who hasn't driven over 100 mph, unbelievable. (I'm not admitting to anything.)


  9. Fun list! But I've gotta agree with Leigh--you at least have faith in Santa. And you MUST see season 6 of the new Dr. Who. The Doctor's companion Amy prays to Santa. ;-)

  10. Oh wait, it's season 5 that Amy prays to Santa! Sorry. Both seasons are awesome.

  11. You done good on those I nevers....I like that you never stopped believing in Santa Claus. Me either!

  12. Idaho was on my never list, but I changed that one last month. Montana...well, I never.

  13. Hey, it takes faith to believe in Santa Claus! Great list. I enjoyed reading it.

  14. Great list! I've never done a few of those either :)

  15. Great post! That is quite a list. Santa Clause? Who else could spread that much joy :) "Justin is the most beautiful boy on the planet" - not my words but eleven year olds from my last class know why there is some interest in his life . And I'm with you - and Justin Bieber - I'll never say never. ;)

  16. Wait, you never had a sense of smell? Really? Wow!

    Great list!

  17. Great list, I haven't done many of the same thing. Although i have been IN a car going over 101 just not driving it.

  18. You've never been to MT? Dude. It's awesome (I could be biased since I'm from there ...) And you can't smell??? Say what?

  19. I've jumped out of a plane! Twice. :)

    Never been a husband though. ;)

    What a fun blogfest!

  20. Cool list. I've driven over 101 in a car. Exhilariating and scary. Did you know cruise control works on 90?

    Oh dear, I haven't voted yet.


  21. Never had a sense of smell? Really? Beloved husband swears I can't smell stuff either, but what he doesn't realize is that I have a very fine tunedf and selective sense of smell. LOL

  22. Wonderful list. Many I could include in my own list, but some I actually have done (like jump out of an airplane).

  23. My favorite: ...never have been able to sing....never stopped singing.

    Sing on!




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