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WRiTE CLUB Round 4 - Results

Here are this weeks results:

PENCIL PUSHER - 6 votes     CASEY BROOKS - 13 votes

This weeks winner is CASEY BROOKS!  He/She will join the other three winners in the semi-finals which will begin in February.  Remember, WRiTER's that go back into the pool are free to submit a different 250 word sample in preparation for being selected again, or they can just let their previous submission ride.

These results will be posted on my WRiTE CLUB page, along with links to all of the writing samples.

Round 5 begins tomorrow morning, so get those critiquing caps ready! :)


  1. Congrats to the winner :) DL, how are you counting these? I've been off by at least one every time, but I was off by three this time ... (Yes, I'm a blog stalker and I've been following your write club a little too intensely, shuddup.) Does the comment have to mention the person by name, or would the number (#2, etc.) suffice? If so, you should mention that for the next round so the commentors know what they need to say. (I want to make sure my vote counts!)

  2. Congrats to both fighters/writers.




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