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WRiTE CLUB Round 5 - Results

Sorry, I'm running a little bit late today, but here I am with this weeks results.  We bounced back last week with our second highest vote total, with some excellent feedback to boot.  When the bell clanged and the dust settled, here's how it turned out:

PANAMA RED - 20 votes     TRIXIE LaRUE - 11 votes

PANAMA RED takes round 5!  He/She will join the other four winners in the semi-finals which will begin in February.  This was Trixie's second tough match, but she's a WRiTER and understands that the whole process is subjective.  She's talented enough to storm back with a landslide victory any given week.

These results will be posted on my WRiTE CLUB page, along with links to all of the writing samples.

The mid-way point, Round 6 begins tomorrow morning.  You shouldn't expect this to get any easier because the talent waiting in the wings will amaze!  See you tomorrow  :)


  1. Wow! The sparring seems to be going well. Good luck to everyone who is going for the win. ;)

  2. Congratulations Panama Red.

    Trixie; I have enjoyed reading the two excerpts from your novel. Your characters are intriguing enough for me to read more of the novel. Your author voice is clear, and scene descriptions vivid. Good luck in your continued efforts.


  3. I'm still getting different numbers than you are, since I got 18 to 11. I'm pretty sure I didn't count any votes that were put in too late, but numbers were never my strong point. I think I need to learn how to count... Trixie - I liked your pieces, especially the first one.

  4. Great job, both! This competition is getting tougher every week!




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