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WRiTE CLUB Round 6 Results - Deja Vu Wrap Up

This week WRiTE CLUB was a bit overshadowed by the Deja Vu Blogfest, but we still managed a good turn out.  It will also be the last week where I post the results on Sunday afternoon, instead I'll be announcing the winner of the previous weeks contest when I post the next round.  This means that a WRiTER will never have to WRiTE in back to back rounds because they must have the opportunity to submit a new 250 word sample if desired.  So here are the final Sunday results, involving Round 6.

NEXTMARK - 5 votes     LUCKY LEFT HOOK - 23 votes

LUCKY LEFT HOOK becomes our sixth semi-finalist!  He/She will join the other five winners in the semi-finals which will begin in February, and NEXTMARK will go back into the pool.  Check my WRiTE CLUB page for a breakdown of all the winners along with links to all of the writing samples.

As far as the Deja Vu Blogfest is concerned, thanks to the efforts of Lydia, Katie, Nicole and the entire blogosphere, it turned out to be a masterful success!!  We ended up with 199 registered participants, but with 32 of them forgetting to post anything and 1 registered twice, we actually ended up with 166 re-postings.  The traffic on MR. LINKY was so heavy Friday morning that Google actually suspended my account for a little while until I confirmed that all of the activity was legitimate.  I spent the majority of two days visiting each and everyone of the posts, and there was some truly awesome material on display.  What I read far exceeded my expectations for the blogfest, and I owe it all to  you for responding to the call.  Thank you...thank you...thank you!  I'm seriously considering making this an annual event where bloggers look back over just the one year and re-post their favorite.  What do you think?

Over the next couple days I'll be updating MR.LINKY so that all of the links point specifically to the bloggers Deja Vu post, and then I'll put a badge up to provide access to the list.  There was just too many excellent posts to waste.    

I'll see everybody at Round 7 tomorrow.  :)


  1. I've loved all of the reposts I've read - although I didn't get to all 166!

    I think I missed last week's write club - I'll have to go back and check... (busy week!)

  2. It was a great blogfest! Yeah, I found several that led to bloggers that didn't post or signed up just to get attention. I do the same thing - weed those out.

  3. You've really got something great going on here! Love the Write Club.

    Also, had fun in the Deja Vu one too.

  4. Thanks to you and all of the other hosts for a truly great blogfest! I would totally participate in an annual one.

  5. I thought it was so much fun and loved meeting new people. Thanks!

  6. Thank you for Deja Vu. Thanks, Lydia, Katie and Nicole also. It was fun. The opportunity to re-post and be reminded was awesome. I'm grateful that you are leaving a link. I'm slow and my browser is even slower. I enjoy taking 3 to 6 a day and reading through, sometimes I get so absorbed I keep going and read older posts as well. (Maybe that's why I'm so slow.)

    I knew you would go through and read every post. Looks like the girls did too. You guys are incredible.

    Also, getting into 'Write Club'. More fun than a barrel of peanuts. Thanks!

  7. Very cool, DL! Thanks for all the work you put into this. I didn't get around to all the blogs, so thanks for providing links.




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