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A to Z Challenge Survival Kit

Hey everyone, I’m not here right now because I’m over on the A to Z Challenge site talking about my Survival Kit.   Stop on over if you get a chance.  Otherwise you can leave a message at the beep.



  1. BEEEEP!

    DL? DL! Pick up! I know you're there.


    Okay, headed over to the link. Sheesh.

  2. BEEEEP! Uh, hey Don, so this is my 13th call today but I just wanted to make sure you knew my WIP is on its way. Yeah. Anyway, thought you might need the zillion reminders. PICK UP THE PHONE! Hello? Hellooo?

  3. An ingenious posts awaits readers on the A to Z Blog. Get over there now and listen to D.L.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out
    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  4. >Recorded voice: "Hello, and Good Fortune, struggling author! You have been randomly selected by the Humungously-Huge Publishing Company to win our deluxe publishing prize!"

    >Fanfare of music: "Ta-daaaa!"

    >Recorded voice: "You have been identified as a writer with a completed manuscript, seeking publication. Here at Humungously-Huge, we believe in helping upcoming authors, by offering this one-time-only, grand prize offer, once every blue-moon. By being selected, you have won a guaranteed 5-year publishing contract, where we will publish and strenuously promote EVERY item you write. You will also receive a guaranteed FIVE MILLION DOLLAR author's advance, that will be yours to keep, regardless of how well your future books sell over the next five years!"

    >More musical fanfare: Taa-daaa!!!

    >Recorded voice: "Simply stay on the line and speak with our president, Ima BiggnImportantDude, to receive your one-time-offer of this fabulous prize!"

    >Even more musical fanfare!: Taa-daaa!!!

    >Ima BiggnImportantDude: "Hello? Is this DL Hammond? Hello?? Are you there? Huh... Guess he must have not wanted the prize. Oh, well... [phone moved away from his mouth] Hey Gloria? Call the next name on the winner's list, would'ya?"


  5. What? I finally stop by after dusting my keyboard off and you aren't here?!?


    Lol! Man...finding you is like a treasure hunt...on my way. :)

  6. You gave good advice over there.

  7. those were great tips! I was so unorganized last year.

  8. Okay. So instead of Where's Waldo, we're playing Where's DL?

    Over at the A to Z hot spot?

    Okay, be there in a sec :-)

  9. Hey DL, I tagged you in my blog today if you feel like participating in one of those question-answer posts.

  10. Oh whew, glad to see I didn't miss out on WRiTE Club this week (craaazy times at work) - and I think I'm gonna need all the survival tips I can get, so I'll see ya over at A to Z




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