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WRiTE CLUB - The Semi-Finalist

It wasn't pretty, there were some knock down drag outs, but we have narrowed our list down to six.  For me, what these semi-final rounds have demonstrated is that sometimes this competition comes down to the luck of the draw...or a single word.  You might argue, what is the point of WRiTE CLUB if LUCK is a contributing factor in who advances.  Shouldn't the goal be to see the best writing rise to the top?  I would counter that making it in the publishing business requires some element of luck, and the truth is the best writing doesn't always make it to the shelf.  The contest ended for some very talented WRiTER's in this round, but that doesn't diminish their accomplishments or their futures in any way.  For six others, the contest goes on and that element of luck still exists, but good fortune can only place them in the best possible position to advance and their writing skill still decides their fate.

Here are our six semi-finalist:

Round 1 - Art Gallery
Round 2 - Lucky Left Hook
Round 3 - Casey Brooks
Round 4 - Lily Mason
Round 5 - Jamie Stuart
Round 6 - Anne Shirley

These six will once again be randomly paired for their next bout, which will begin on Tuesday (February 14).  In this round each bout will remain open for voting for two days and the WRiTER's will be putting their previous round submissions to the test once again.  There will be three matches, with three winners, but a fourth "wildcard" winner will also move onto the quarter-final round.  The loser with the most votes will become that wildcard.

I will announce the four winners next Monday (February 20th).

Anyone reading this can vote, so blog / tweet / facebook / text / smoke signal everyone you know and get them to participate as well.  We only averaged 23 votes per bout in the last round, which is nothing like I hoped we see.

Good luck to all of our WRiTER’s!

Don’t forget the WRiTE CLUB motto, it’s not about the last man/woman standing, it’s about who knocks the audience out!


  1. It's very cool how many awesome writer-friends we have competing. I want to know who everyone was once it's all over. Yes?

    Since I'm out, I'll give a big high-five to ANNE SHIRLEY for kickin my A--LOL! Zombies... zerg. I knew I should've prepared for the Apocalypse.

    This was great fun. You rule, DL~ <3 Emmylou Hayriss (*snort*)

  2. Thanks for hosting this competition, Don! It's very interesting to see how people are casting their votes - some don't like a certain POV, some root only for the underdog, some base their choice on just one single word. It's a good lesson in subjectivity, which is what determines who gets published! Good luck to all of the finalists and congrats to everyone who made it this far!

  3. Timing has a lot to do with it in the industry.
    Will they be the same works next week or will the winners submit new ones?

  4. This has been a fun competition to follow. Looking forward to casting my votes this week! I will send smoke signals to friends. :-)

  5. Congrats to the winners!

    It will be interesting to judge the next round. Since I came in just at the tail-end of the first round, I was reading most of these selections for the first time.

    When I have to read them again, up against a different competitor, I wonder how I'll feel about each one?

  6. Congrats to the final 6! Good luck on Tuesday

  7. Congratulations to everyone. The writers have been very talented. Everyone should be very proud. Looking forward to the semifinals.

  8. Congratulations to the semi-finalists!

  9. Well done to all the finalists...

  10. This has been an awesome writing experiment Don. I'm glad you had the idea. And I hope all the participants - knocked out or not - feel as inspired as I did with this concept.

    Yes, sometimes it is a matter of luck in who you are paired with. But I believe all the entrants had awesome writing samples to contribute.

    Thank you for hosting such an awesome writing event.


  11. Gah! Where have I been throughout the semis? Can't believe I missed it all! :( Will not miss the finals, so I'll pop back tomorrow!

  12. Congrats to all the semi finalists! It's been really interesting to follow this whole thing from the beginning!




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