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WRiTE CLUB 2012 – Preliminary Round Winners

Round 1 - Word Whittler
Round 2 - Jason Andrews
Round 3 - D. Rose
Round 4 - RingGirl
Round 5 - Sissy Grimm
Round 6 - Peanut Buttercup
Round 7 - Jenna Fox
Round 8 - Silver
Round 9 - Penelope Clearwater
Round 10 - I Am Not Shakespeare
Round 11 - Avery Normandy
Round 12 -Mrs. Mojo Rising
Round 13 - Dinah Annella
Round 14 - Not Loretta Lynn
Round 15 - Joy Frost
Round 16 -  Sedney of the Castonod
Round 17 - Camille Atwood
Round 18 - Digigal
Round 19 - Seaweed
Round 20 - Brookside
Round 21 - Wren Tyler
Round 22 - Fake Name
Round 23 - Khanada
Round 24 - Baxter Talltree
Round 25 - Blue Cookie
Round 26 - Marquistar
Round 27 - Ravenclaw
Round 28 - Eleven
Round 29 - Matilda Maxwell
Round 30 - Jade Kestrel
Round 31 -  Patrice Croninville
Round 32 -  Stargirl09
Round 33 -  Rattle Yerdags
Round 34 -  Midnight Muse
Round 35 -  Alondra Larkin
Round 36 -  Snivvy Crank

Here they are…the list of winners from the preliminary rounds.  I want to apologize to all of the entries who never made it into the ring this year, there was just too many for me to accommodate.  But as I said before, WRiTE CLUB SKIRMISHES will continue on after the official contest is over, so you’ll still get your opportunity for some awesome input.

As for these 36, what’s in store for them and more importantly, what do they need to get ready for?  Here’s the breakdown. 

Round 1 (Oct. 22 – Nov 2) - Original submission - 18 bouts spread across three separate blogs (MWF) for 2 weeks  = 18 winners

Round 2 (Nov 5-9) - Original submission (edited)  -  9 bouts spread across three separate blogs (MWF) = 9 winners + 1 wildcard winner*

Round 3 (Nov 12-16) - 2nd submission - 5 bouts  (M-F) = 5 winners + 1 wildcard*

Round 4 (Nov 19-23) - 2nd submission - 3 bouts  (MWF) = 3 winners + 1 wildcard*

Round 5 (Nov 26 – 30) - 2nd submission (edited) - 2 bouts (T TH) = 2 winners

FINAL  -  3rd submission - 2 contestants = CHAMPION  (this round will be judged by agents/editors/authors)

*Wildcard winners will be chosen from among the losing entries by selecting the one that received the most amount of votes.

As you can see, the contestants will need to prepare not only edited versions of their original submissions, but two other ORIGINAL submissions if they are lucky enough to advance through the rounds.  I advise all of you NOT TO WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE.

To say that the preliminary rounds limped to the finish line would be an understatement, with some of the final rounds garnering a disappointing 30 votes.  I’m hoping that the play-offs will bring forth a renewed excitement and a landslide of votes.  Please help me in spreading the word about the play-offs and our march towards crowning a new champion.  

Tomorrow the gloves come off and the real brawls begin!  Good luck to everyone.


  1. Yes, huge congratulations. Hi, I'm #192 on Alex's list. It's nice meeting another suspense writer. Happy IWSG!

  2. It must be exciting to see your pen name up there -- congratulations to all the winners! And for those who didn't quite get the votes, and I must number myself among that Sgt. Pepper crowd, I pat you on the back, too -- for having the chutzpah to WRiTE it out in the first place!

    Well done, all contestants and reviewers -- and well done to those who have made it this far!

  3. Congrats to all the winners! Can't wait for the next round.

    I must say I'm guilty of not voting in the last rounds. Between edits, querying and work, my time really got limited to the point where I barely visited any blogs. Sorry!

  4. duh duh duh ... ! Let the games begin!

  5. Congratulations and best of luck to all the second-rounders!

    I've managed to vote in every bout so far, and I'll try hard to keep up with the upcoming bouts on the three sites.

    Bring on the bouts!

  6. Alright. Time to get ready for more Write-Fights! Bring it on so we can see who'll be the next crowned champion. Yeah!

  7. What a lineup! Looking forward to watching the battles.

  8. Congrats to the first round winners!

  9. Congratulations and good luck to the prelim winners.




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