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Coffee Shop Blitz

Writer Gold: Sorry I’m late.  My hair just would not cooperate this morning.  I believe there’s enough static electricity running through me right now that if someone’s heart stopped I could shock them back to life.

Writer Blue: Why do you even bother with your hair…I mean it’s just us.

Writer Gold: I want to look good for you too.

Writer Red: Like we even notice.

Writer Black: Well I do notice, and I think your hair looks perfectly fine.

Writer Blue: I think it looks fine as well

Writer Red:  You both are kiss-asses!

Writer Gold: Thank you, ladies…and bite me Red!

Writer Red:  And have you shock me?  No thanks!

Writer Gold: Who wants to discuss their chapters first?

Writer Black: Before we get into that I was hoping we could first talk about the Blog Blitz.

Writer Blue: Blog what?  

Writer Black: Blitz…like in basketball.

Writer Gold: I think you mean football

Writer Red:  No, what she really means is the state she ends up after bar-hopping every Friday night.

Writer Black: Your husband doesn’t seem to mind.

Writer Red:  As if.

Writer Blue: I’m still confused.

Writer Red: That’s right… you were in Florida last week and probably didn’t see DL’s post.

Writer Blue: What’s he up to now? 

Writer Black: We’re gonna be playing tag.

Writer Blue: Huh?

Writer Red: It’s so cool! DL calls it a Blog Blitz.  First you sign up to be a Blitz team member on DL’s blog, then at random times he will email us a target and a date.

Writer Black: Then on that date we all bombard the unsuspecting blogger with comments.

Writer Gold: If he gets a lot of people to participate we might be talking 100, 200, who knows how many comments all at once.

Writer Blue: Oh, that’s so cool.

Writer Red: I know, right?  As of this morning he already had 137 people signed up.  I posted about it on my blog this morning, so hopefully that'll bring in a few more.

Writer Blue: So how is the lucky recipient going to be chosen?

Writer Gold: At first DL is going to choose, but then after a while he will start accepting recommendations.

Writer Blue: Can anyone be blitzed?

Writer Red:  You have to be a fellow Blitz Team member.  I emailed DL and asked him how long he was going to keep the list open and he said there wasn’t going to be an expiration date on it.

Writer Black: Is anyone else cold?  If feels especially chilly in here today.

Writer Gold: Ummmmmm…maybe it’s because you chose a blouse that shows an especially large amount of cleavage today.

Writer Black: It’s my feet that are cold…smart aleck.

Writer Red: They say cold air sinks.  Probably slipped right by those Ta Ta's and settled into your shoes.

Writer Blue: *chokes while sipping her coffee*

Writer Black: Jealous much?

Writer Blue: When will the blog blitzing begin?  Wow, try to say that three times fast.

Writer Gold: DL didn’t say, but I don’t imagine he’ll make us wait too long.

Writer Red: Can you imagine what it would be like to get deluged with so many comments?

Writer Black: I'd be like Alex Cavanaugh.

Writer Gold: You're no Ninja Captain...more like a Couch Potato Private.


  1. Ohmigosh that was hilarious!!! Loved it!

  2. I loved your conversation! Black and Red are kind of like Tom and Jerry - agreeing only on the important stuff!

  3. Cheered me up this did, thanks for sharing.


  4. This makes me want to join a local critique group....

  5. Couch Potato Private - hilarious!!
    The first person to get blitzed is going to freak.
    And I'll just laugh and say welcome to my world.

  6. LOL, that was funny.

  7. Fantastic. Thanks for the laughter this morning.

  8. I'm excited for when you start this! :)

  9. Funny stuff. (though it technically makes you a creeper, eavesdropping like that...but I won't tell. LOL.)

  10. Hahaha, Couch Potato Private, that's very funny. It is a great idea. :)

  11. D.L. that was too funny! Love it!

  12. This was great fun to read. I felt like I was right there eavesdropping.

  13. OK, you talked me into it. But I'm wondering how this is gonna work with the likes of me who is currently only posting once a week (I'm seriously trying to get my book ready.)

  14. You do like your colors, lol! This made me laugh Don, thank you for that!

  15. BWAHAHA! Between you, Alex and Matt, I don't know who is the biggest blog collaborater guy. I feel like a couch potato just thinking about it!

  16. Okay, I loved this post. And I'm already signed up for the team.

  17. Haha great! All signed up and ready to go, should be fabulous!

  18. Great skit. My writers group was talking about killing babies in the coffee shop Monday night and I started laughing about it... hoping no one was listening to us.

  19. This will be an awesome blitz! Can't wait!

  20. Keeping a close eye on my email these days...looking forward to rapidly growing blog blitz~

  21. I had fun reading this. Ever thought of writing scripts for TV movies? :)

  22. Why do I get the feeling you've listened to a lot of female conversations?

  23. LOL! I wouldn't know what to do with that many comments. I'm still recovering from Monday's blogfest.

  24. LOL...Couch Potato Private....that was good. Thanks for the chuckle this morning :)

  25. movies i love that you listed, the sting! fifth element & tangled =)

    that was hilarious! yay for the blog blitz!

  26. Very creative way to keep plugging your fantastic idea. I have a blurb up at Life is Good today.

    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge Blog
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

  27. "A couch potato private"! Yeah, that's me - and I also have so much static I can shock computers, TVs, and peoples' hearts, too. Have a great time blitzing! :-)

  28. Okay, I've signed up for the blog blitz. You got me at couch potato private!

  29. I love your coffee shop posts. Couch Potato Private, indeed.

  30. You're no Ninja Captain...more like a Couch Potato Private.

    Oh I almost died of laughter reading this. An excellent way to catch our interest.

  31. Love the creativity!

    Blog Blitz -- cheer!

  32. Ha! This is very cute way of getting info to readers~ love your coffee shop girls :)

  33. *LOL* Hilarious! I have the Blog Blitz shout-out on my blog today. It's going to be HUGE!

  34. lololol.... i just read this, and coincidentally mentioned how i DID feel like Alex. So funny!
    Loved the dialog. And Blog Blitz rocks!!!




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