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A-Z Contest Standings & Quiz

 I'd have to say that my contest was fairly successful at pulling in visitors during this years A-Z Challenge, especially considering I had very little time to visit other blogs.  A total of 293 people stopped in, leaving 1357 comments -- 336 more than I received last year.  Most were one and done commenters (the norm during the Challenge), but 40+ were double-digit visitors and a handful commented on EVERY SINGLE POST!  Thank you!!  Success or not, I'm glad I held this contest so I could reward at least one of these followers.

Here's a breakdown of who visited my blog in April (note - I only listed the ones who left comments a minimum of ten times, which was the cut-off to be eligible for the prize).  And can not go back to those April posts and comment now, they are closed.  If you disagree with the number of comments I have listed, just leave me a note and I will check it out.

Alex J. Cavanaugh           26
Kristen Dyrr                    26
Laura Marcelle                26
michelle                           26
farawayeyes                    25
Melanie Schultz               25
Heather Gardner             24
Andrew Leon                 23
C. Lee McKenzie           23
JL Murphy                      23
Tiana Smith                     23
Christina Rains                22
Yvonne Lewis                 22
Amy Lyre Turner              20
Bish Denham                    20
Clarissa Draper                20
Sue McPeak                    20
David List                         19
SP Bowers                       19
Cindy Dwyer                    18
Joanne Fritz                      18
L. Diane Wolfe                 18

~Brandy~                         17
Al Diaz                             17
mshatch                            17
Deanie Humphrys-Dunne  16
Erin L. Funk                      16
Hilary Melton-Butcher       16
Jeremy (Retro)                  16
VR Barkowski                  16
Dani                                  15
Tina                                   15
Allison (Geek Banter)        14
Natalie Aguirre                  13
Donna                               12
Michael Di Gesu                12
Suzanne Furness                12
Brinda Berry                      11
Crystal Collier                    11
Elizabeth Seckman             11
M.J. Joachim                     11
Nick Wolford                    11
Marti                                 10
Miranda Hardy                  10

Now it's time to see who can double the amount of times their name appears in the hat for the $75 Amazon gift card drawing.  Below is a list of 26 questions about me, the answers to which were buried in each of my 26 posts.  Each person who emails me at with the correct answers to ALL of these questions will have their chances in the hat doubled.  And it's got to be all skimping!  I will post the answers and the winner of the contest on Monday, May 6th.

Good luck everyone!

1.   What is the title of DL's future project that snippets were post in three seperate posts?
2.   His most current WIP is what genre?
3.   What date foes DL consider his blog birthday?
4.   DL's blog was named what it was because of his affinity for flying.  True or False?
5.   What is the name of the short story DL is about to have published?
6.   Where did DL go to college?
7.   Which state does DL live in now?
8.   DL lacks one of five senses, which one is it?
9.   The first vehicle DL owned was what?
10. DL's favorite vacation spot is where?
11. What is the title of DL's Project X?
12. DL's favorite musical artist is who?
13. What was the original name of DL's first book?
14. What is the name of the anothology that DL's short story is being published in?
15. DL is a military brat...but from what branch of the military? Army? Navy? Air Force? Marines?
16. What was the name of the first major writers conference DL attended?
17. Is DL a Pantser or Plotter?
18. What type of gaming console does DL play the most?
19. How many years will DL be married this June?
20. Is DL an Early-Bird or Night-Owl?
21. Name ONE of the authors that influenced DL growing up?
22. What is DL's favorite MLB team?
23. DL has a writing ritual...what is it?
24. What is the tentative title of DL's  current WIP?
25. How many years has WRiTE CLUB been running?
26. What does the 2.0 signify at the end of DL's blog name?


  1. This contest was an amazing idea to get people to come back to your site, but I have to admit, I came back for your witty comments, great stories, and general delightfulness.

  2. Like Melanie, I too only visited because you had wonderful topics and made me laugh. Good luck on the quiz everyone!

  3. Hey, I had a perfect score with the visiting!
    Will email you later.

  4. My memory isn't what it was so the quiz is out for me, after reading all the reflection post today my head is reeling. Good luck all with the quiz.

  5. What fun!
    I feel badly that I missed it - still going back to read even if I can't comment!

  6. Wow you had a great turn-out! :-)

  7. Hi Don .. I was about half way - so put in a reasonable showing .. congratulations to the person who has the energy ... or perhaps the desire to know you better - perhaps I should reconsider?!

    Have fun .. and I sure hope someone comes up trumps ... cheers Hilary

    PS - On other notes - hope all is progressing smoothly ... with thoughts still ...

  8. whoo-hoo... great stuff.
    the answer to all your 26 questions is: the cheetah!

    i win, i win... sorry just wanted to make you laugh, you did an awesome job.

    thank you for letting us all be part of it.

  9. I know the answers to some of those questions but not all. I guess I'll have to bank on the 17 comments I made :)

  10. I actually know some of those. (Although where you live is easy!)

    Had fun as a co-host but it was overwhelming.

  11. Wow. Excellent break down. I didn't do very well this year getting around to blogs. Next year I will be better prepared.

  12. Hey DL. I visited and commented on ALL 26 POSTS... as opposed to the score of 18 that you've given me. :)
    I'll e-mail later on...

    Writer In Transit

  13. That looks like a pretty good list of stats to me so congrats on that. I know several answers will see if I can work out the rest!

  14. Awesome how many people are on the list. I'll e-mail you later.

  15. You are so clever. What a kicky idea. Congrats on your A to Z success. I will definitely jump back in next year.

  16. I'm really only going to go back and find answers to all of your questions because you spent the time to create this quiz and because you now follow my blog! (Ok, maybe I want the $75 Amazon Card - my wish list on that site is nearing 250 books...sigh.) Your creativity inspires and I only hope someday that I will have enough followers to pose a contest like this!

  17. This open book, right? I always hated open book tests...

  18. Oh dear. Now I have to remember all that stuff. This is going to be my afternoon project. It's been great fun, D.L. Thanks for making it so easy to get through the AtoZ with your exciting posts.

  19. Wow...I was impressed with the participation rate. But, really??? Tests? I gave those up years ago. One of the benefits of being a grown up is that I can buy my own prize.

  20. Aw, I probably would have made the cut if I hadn't taken that week of to go to New York. Good luck on the test, everyone.

  21. Wow, I'll have to go back and see which post I missed. I have to say I really enjoyed reading your A to Z. I didn't participate but all the same it was fun. Some of you guys had really great themes this year.

    THE TEST - OK, I admit it I'm an airhead. I read and commented on 25 posts and I can only remember the answers to about 15 of your questions. I suppose I could cheat, and go back and read them, and answer correctly, but I'll take my chances with just 25 chances to win and see what happens.

    It was a fun month and I'll be looking forward to see who wins.

  22. I sent my quiz answers! It was fun getting to know you, DL!!

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  23. Hey! I know some of these answers. :D Can't wait to see who wins your contest. It's been fun learning more about you DL!(:

  24. Wow, I took notes all through April and I STILL can't answer two of those questions. Sneaky of you... Now I have to go back and re-read.

    Congrats on making it through A to Z despite your wife's health issues, and losing a pet and everything.

  25. Your posts were a blast throughout the month! Good luck to everyone! :)

  26. Holy Moley, WonderBoy...Your 'Think Tank' runneth over! You sure know how to tap into a persons 'Competitive Nature'...I missed '6' posts commenting (whapping my head) DangIt! Okay, I'll do the '26 Quiz'...Bring It, Mister!

    Seriously, this is why you made my 'Spectacular Interfacing' List on my Reflection post.

    Sue CollectInTexasGal
    AtoZ Reflection Post

  27. Well done DL it was a great idea, I can keep reading after that point my fingers stop typing, so I saw more than I commented on, but do I get a bonus point for noticing you didn't give us a clue on one of the days... :)

  28. I missed two? Dang.

    Great theme. Great ideas. Great info.

    Thanks for the great time!


  29. I really enjoyed coming by your "house" when I could. However, looking at that quiz, I guess I don't have the memory I used no doubling my chances. Dang! I gotta go figure out my winner...but much simpler, just random generator!
    Thanks for being such a great co-host to work with, and know I'm praying for you and your family.

    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge Blog
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge




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