Sep 22, 2013

WRiTE CLUB 2013 Play-offs - Round One Winners

We are one step closer to crowning a new WRiTE CLUB champion.  There was one bout in this first round that ended in a tie...which was broken by me, which is exactly why I have the writing samples sent to my wife -- so I can remain unbiased.  Here are the writers who will be moving forward to Round Two

Dinah Annella
Gordon Holmes
 Imalie Teller
Jamie Stuart

And our Wildcard winner...with the most votes amongst the losing contestants, is...

Emma T. Nestor

All ten writers have been contacted and asked for a new 500 word writing sample to be used in Round Two, which begins tomorrow morning.  The five bouts will be posted Mon - Thur (taking a day off on Friday for a guest post by a distinguished guest) and the final bout will go up on Saturday.  They all will remain open for voting until noon next Sunday, September 29th. 

In this second round, as with the first, there will be a wildcard winner selected from the losing contestants by virtue of the one with most second place votes.

See you back here tomorrow! :)


  1. Something must be wrong with my computer. I only see XXXXXXs for names.

  2. We don't get to see who the winners are?


  3. Congrats to the winners! Excited to see what you come up with for the next round :)

  4. Yes, good luck to the winners and the losers. Putting yourself and your writing out there is half the battle.

  5. Everyone did such an excellent job in this years 'Write Club' they should be proud. I have to say, there was one piece that stood out from all of the rest, for me, from the very beginning. I'm glad to see they are still in the running. No, I'm not gonna tell you which one. I am interested to see what these finalists will come up with for their next 500 words.

  6. Congrats to all the talented winners!!
    Hoping to have more time to vote this round - the past few weeks have been nuts!

  7. Congratulations to the winners! This year has seen some VERY tough competition and the writing quality has been top-notch. I'm really looking forawrd to the next round!

  8. CONGRATS to the winners!