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WRiTE CLUB 2013 Playoffs Round Two - Bout 5

Well, this is awkward.

After numerous failed attempts by my wife to reach MultaPaucis and receive a new 500 writing sample, we have no choice but to declare him/her a no-show for the bout and declare Vampyr14 a winner by default.

Why not use their previous submission?
Because this a writing contest...not a flash fiction contest...and the purpose of a new submission is to see if the contestants talent extends beyond just the one sample.

Why does Vampyr14 get to move on unopposed?
Luck of the draw.

This is the first time this has happened in WRiTE CLUB, and its disappointing, but we'll continue on.  The voting for the other four bouts will remain open until noon Sunday and then all of the winners for Round Two will be announced later that day.



  1. Multa! I'm absolutely disappointed! I was ready to vote for you despite what you wrote!*
    (*not necessarily)
    Anyway, congrats to you, Vampyr14.
    I stand behind your decision, DL.

  2. Weird. Well, I think you made the right decision. If they're not invested enough to be following along and know they need a new sample, then they don't deserve it :)

  3. I agree with the decision (like I have a vote - haha), but I would have liked to see what Vampyr14 submitted, just so it's on equal footing with everyone else.

  4. Well, that is disappointing, but this is under a time limit. Agree with the decision. I agree with Stacy about wishing we could have read the submission from Vampyr14....

  5. I was looking forward to reading another piece by Multa

  6. What a shame. I was looking forward to seeing new pieces by both these writers.

  7. I've been disappointed by seeing repeats of writing excerpts in past rounds. It would be nice to have new excerpts for every round as a sign of respect for those who are reading. If we've read the excerpt once, it's a pretty fair assumption we'd like to read a new one.

    Congrats to Vampyr14!

  8. Well that is disappointing. I was curious to see what Multa's next entry was going to be. But I absolutely understand and agree with your decision, Don.

    And tough loss for your Tigers today. Sorry about that too, my friend.

  9. Hi Don - pity, but you made the right decision - and something serious might have happened to keep them away .. Good luck to Vampyr14 ...

    Cheers Hilary

  10. aww that's a bummer. Just because I know there are a few people who didn't get to move on only by a margin of one or two votes, so if Multa was just going to bail, it's kind of a bummer for those other writers.
    Of course there's nothing you could have done about that. I'm just disappointed in Multa.
    Congrats Vampyr!

  11. Bummer! Vampyr14 had my top ranking piece from the very beginning, so my main disappointment is in not being able to see their 'new' submission. I do hope there is bio serious reason for the 'no ' in the part if the other contender.




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