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WRiTE CLUB 2013 - Save Week

The winners of bout #15 & #16 are Dinah Annella and Sing Sing respectively. Congrats to both of you! :)

After eight grueling weeks watching 32 talented writers go at one another, the preliminary rounds have come to an end and all of the play-off spots have been claimed – or have they?

One of the drawbacks of randomly pitting opponents against one another is that occasionally two writers end up facing off against one another who many believe are the top two contestants. In previous versions of WRiTE CLUB we addressed this by having the losers go back into the pool for possible selection in a later round against a different opponent. But with that option no longer available I wanted to come up with another way to reconcile this perceived inadequacy…thus the SAVE WEEK.

Listed below are the fighters who came out on the short side of the stick in their previous bouts, along with a link to that bout. Here’s your chance to pick one of those writers to fill a vacant slot in the playoffs. You do that by leaving a comment below with the pen name you feel should be allowed to continue on and the writer who garners the most votes will be granted that chance. As always, you must be registered on the WRiTE CLUB linky list located HERE to vote.

There will actually be two writers granted a reprieve this week. Recently I discovered that a mistake was made when MultaPaucis sample was posted in bout #13, one that involved a missing bit of formatting (italics indicating internal thought). Although it’s debatable whether or not the mistake negatively influenced the votes, the bout was so tight (tie-breaker) that I decided to move MultaPaucis into the play-offs anyway. I had always intended to bring back two writers during Save Week, this serves that purpose and rights a wrong at the same time.

Voting will remain open until noon Sunday, September 8th.

Play-off Round 1 will kick off on September 9th with daily bouts for two weeks. Here is a forewarning for all contestants – Round 2, that starts on September 23rd, will require a new 500 word writing sample!

Round 1 - American Banshee
Round 2 - Matilijas
Round 3 - billypayne
Round 4 - Word Huntress
Round 5 - Vampyr14
Round 6 - Liva Humoir
Round 7 - FMWriter
Round 8 - January Jones
Round 9 - Wideawakegirl
Round 10 - BruinGirl
Round 11 - Hollyhock
Round 12 - Mary Ann March
Round 13 - MultaPaucis
Round 14 - Ruby Red
Round 15 - DragonWriter
Round 16 - Lauretta Stiles


  1. Liva Humoir has my vote. Love her voice.

  2. I would also vote to return Vampyr14 from the dead. ;)

    (Oh, and I'm also glad that Multa Paucis is thrown back into the pool -- very disturbing piece but also very well written).

  3. Woo! Hollyhock!

    DL - so are the playoffs the same pieces that we've already read? Or are those new 500 word samples too?

  4. Wideawakegirl :)So this is where I stop voting right? Once we get to the playoffs I become an observer until the finale?

  5. I went back and read all of these entries, and Vampyr14 and Liva Humoir were the two that stood out to me. I loved the humor in Liva's piece, but my vote goes to Vampyr14 for the beautiful writing!

  6. Hi Don .. I didn't sign up - but I love the way you're being as fair as possible all way round ...

    Great it'll be interesting to read the winner ... cheers Hilary

  7. There are two here that I really wish were moving on, but I have to vote for Matilijas for the beauty, simplicity and confidence of her writing. I think it deserves to be in at least the top 5.(Wideawakegirl, wish you were going on, too.)

  8. The voice in Liva Humoir captured my attention.

  9. Whooo... This is tough. So many great entries got beaten. But Vampyr14 gets my vote.

  10. I'm glad MultaPaucis is going through. That was one of my favorite pieces.

    My vote is for Wideawakegirl. I still maintain that you said more in 500 words than any other entry in the contest.

  11. My vote goes to American Banshee -- and Dollop, who sings and dances with swords.

  12. As usual, I find myself agreeing with Chris Fries on all counts.

    Bring back Vampyr14.

  13. I had a look back and I'm going to have to agree: Vampyr 14.

  14. Wow - this was hard. I narrowed down my choices to 3 and had to reread a few times to decide! Tough.

    DragonWriter :)

  15. Save Week - great idea! I haven't read them all, so it wouldn't be fair to vote, though I did read the faves, and agree that Vampyr 14 and WideAwakeGirl both have beautiful pieces. Nice job, guys :)

    Hope all is well, Don!

  16. I did like Vampyr14 a lot, but I'm voting for Liva Humoir

  17. I've gone back and re-read (or at least skimmed) all of these, and I vote for Vampyre 44 to return. It was a close vote for me, there were two others I would have liked to see have a second chance.

    This was a thoughtful idea Don.


  18. Alright I changed my mind and I am voting - wideawakegirl! I loved both this entry and Vampyr14 for the skill of the writing (gorgeous, guys), but I love the unique premise of wideawakegirl's a bit more. I'm assuming the character is a gargoyle or something? So cool.

  19. I love this change this year. A chance to revisit some favorites who didn't make it through. With the preselection process this year the contestants were stronger than ever. Last year was hard. This year was almost impossible to choose some weeks.

    I'd love to see more humor from Liva Humior.




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