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WRiTE CLUB 2014 – Save Week

First, let's welcome A. Bard into the winner circle by the fact of him/her taking bout #15.  

After eight grueling weeks watching 32 talented writers go at one another, the preliminary bouts have come to an end (or will shortly) and all of the play-off spots have been claimed – or have they?  One of the drawbacks of randomly pitting opponents against one another is that occasionally two writers end up facing off against each other in the initial rounds and many believe they are the top two contestants.  I wanted to come up with a way to reconcile this perceived inadequacy…thus the SAVE WEEK.

Listed below are the fighters who came out on the short side of the stick in their bouts.  In order to refresh your memory, here’s a LINK to all the bouts.  This is your chance to save a pair of writers to fill two vacant slots in the playoffs.  You do that by leaving a comment below with the pen names of the two writers you feel should be allowed to continue on.  The writers that garner the most votes -- will be granted that chance. 
Save voting will remain open until noon Sunday, August 17th.

Round 1 - Little Darlin
Round 2 - NotAnna
Round 3 - Sophie Grace
Round 4 - Anna MacKenzie
Round 5 - Bartholomew Boulstridge Bell
Round 6 - Bug Written
Round 7 - Pixie Moon
Round 8 - Cocktail Lion
Round 9 - Salome
Round 10 - Crux
Round 11 - Hingle McKringleberry
Round 12 - Octavia Worldsend
Round 13 - BellaD
Round 14 - texgirly
Round 15 - Writer22
Round 16 - Wrinkled Suit

The pace of the action picks up in the first round of the Play-off  on August 18th with daily bouts for two weeks.  All of the winners will be paired up randomly again and we'll see how they fare against new opponents.  But here's a forewarning for the contestants still in the running – if you make it past the first round of the playoffs, prior to round two beginning (starting on September 1st) you'll be required to submit a new 500 word writing sample! So be ready.

We started with 167...which became 32...shortly 18...and in two weeks a handful. Do you feel the anticipation growing?  Who can survive to become a WRiTE CLUB Champion for 2014?


  1. So the remaining 16 will be competing with the excerpts that have already been shared? Won't those folks just receive the same feedback they got in the first rounds?

    It's probably not feasible, but it'd be cool if the 16 could revise their original 500-word sample for the next round. (OR submit a new 500-word sample.)

    1. Based on some of the feedback, I bet some people would really love a re-do. Also a good chance to show growth, especially if they edit their existing sample.

      I'm going to read over all these entries and vote shortly.

    2. They may not get much feedback at all since this round will be match-ups that essentially just cull the herd of contenders from 18 down to 10. Then, the group of ten will have new pieces to submit. In the marathon that was WRiTE Club 2012, there were 36 first-round bouts, so that meant enough subsequent rounds that we had three rounds where new material battled, two rounds of rematches of the same material, and two two rounds with edited pieces. But it took from July until December to get through the whole thing.

      It's much more streamlined now, but we still get a chance to see the new material battles. And I think that's the best part.

  2. Tough decision and I wavered between several that merited a do-over call. But I'm going to cast my Save votes for:

    --:Anna MacKenzie (Bout #4)
    -- Writer22 (bout #15).

  3. And my decision is: Sophie Grace and BugWritten.

  4. Ughhhhh! You're killing me!

    There were 9 that i wish i could vote for. 9!

    Then i got it down to 4. Then i had to make some tough choices, but in the end I'm using my save votes for:

    Bartholomew Boulstridge Bell.

  5. Replies
    1. Imladris was already the winner of that round I think

    2. Ah you're right. I got things mixed up. Ill add a vote for little darlin then.

    3. It was so hard to pick just two....

  6. Little Darlin & Bartholomew Boulstridge Bell are my votes for saves.

    Little Darlin had a piece that fit the genre far better than the winner.
    Bartholomew Boulstridge Bell had the rarely seen anymore genre of choose your adventure.

  7. Round 1 - Little Darlin
    Round 7 - Pixie Moon

  8. Though it's difficult to choose only two, I have to go with NotAnna and Bug Written.

  9. Salome and Little Darlin

  10. Little Darlin
    Bartholomew Boulstridge Bell

  11. #2 NotAnna
    #12 Octavia Worldsend

  12. #Cocktail Lion
    #Pixie Moon
    Tough call, some excellent entries congrats to all involved.

  13. Tex girly littledarlin

  14. NotAnna (Round 2)
    Anna MacKenzie (Round 4)

  15. Tough! There are a few that I would vote to save. But after reviewing all the bouts again, these are my two:

    BellaD - fantastic voice, made me LOL
    Octavia Worldsend - again, really nice voice, though in a totally different way!

    Good luck everybody!

  16. Cocktail lion and wrinkled suit.

  17. Here are my SAVES

    Wrinkled Suit
    Octavia Worldsend

  18. NotAnna and BellaD.

    Good luck, everyone!!




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