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WRiTE CLUB Playoffs - Round Two Winners

We are another step closer to crowning a new WRiTE CLUB champion.  Here are the writers who will be moving forward to Round Three.
The Baron
Cocktail Lion
Lord Codpiece

And our Wildcard winner...with the most votes amongst the second place contestants, is...Miss Drake. That writer will be moving on as well.

Congratulations to all six of you and good luck going forward!

The 3rd round begins tomorrow morning (9/8)
with our fighters randomly re-matched using their same submissions from round two.  The three bouts will be posted Mon - Wed - Fri and will remain open for voting until noon Sunday, September 14th. 

In this third round, as with the first two rounds, there will be a wildcard winner selected from the losing contestants by virtue of the one with most second place votes.

See you back here tomorrow! :)

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