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X is for X-eyed

This is day 28 of the Challenge...and how many of you are feeling like this -- either from the grind of posting 24 times in 28 days -- or from reading my nonsensical post during that time?

At least this picture might give you a smile today.  It did me.



  1. Hi Don - yes .. cross eyes are what I have ... how anyone remotely keeps up I fail to understand .. cheers and I have Z to write .. simpler than the rest I suspect!! well done .. Hilary

  2. LOL - Personally I'm looking forward to the end of the A-Z. Too many of my friends are participating! It's hard to get to that many blogs.

  3. Yup, I'm looking like that right about now. HAHA!

  4. LOL... that's why I've never tried to do the A to Z challenge :)

  5. I've managed to handle posting okay. But I feel so guilty when I fall behind on commenting!




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