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Cherished Blogfest

The Cherished Blogfest is a creation of  Paul Ruddock, Peter Nena, Sharukh Bamboat, Tom Benson, Damyanti Ghosh and Dan Antion – inviting you to talk about one of your cherished objects. The way its supposed to work is you tell what it is, post a picture of it if you like, and tell everyone why you cherish it.
The idea is to keep your post to 500 words while sharing memories, emotions, information. Click on the link above to reveal the linky list with everyone else participating.
I chose to interrupt our march to the unveiling of a WRiTE CLUB champ (the winner will be unveiled Monday) because I connected with the idea behind this blogfest so much. I hope everyone will  abide me this minor detour.
Here is my cherished object. cherished object is my own bald head.  Let me explain.
When my wife was battling breast cancer 3 years ago and undergoing chemo, she lost all her hair. On the day that happened I marched down to our local barber and had all of my own hair shaved off.  If we were going to fight this disease together, it was only natural that we share in everything together (within reason of course). 
My wife kicked cancers ass and her hair has since grown back, but I remain follicle free. Why is that, you ask? Because every time I look in the mirror I like being reminded about what I have...what I almost hard we had to fight...and how that experience, as terrible as it was, brought us even closer together.  
I cherish the relationship with my wife, and what that has evolved into having overcome obstacles together. She may appear today as if the two years underneath cancers thumb never happened, but my bald head is still here to remind us both.
Bald is beautiful baby! :)


  1. DL, definitely a wonderful reason to cherish your bald head. In this case, bald is beautiful!

  2. I also went through a cancer experience with my husband, but I didn't shave my head! I do remember how soft his grew back though--wonderful post.

  3. I also went through a cancer experience with my husband, but I didn't shave my head! I do remember how soft his grew back though--wonderful post.

  4. Bald is beautiful :) Was glad to see your wife overcome cancer. And you were such a support system. Hope your family remains well from now to eternity.

  5. Oh, that's wonderful! It's always nice to hve a reminder of how precious life and health is. Keeps us from focusing on petty or negative issues

  6. What a wonderful reason to cherish your bald head. It truly is beautiful! ☺ May you and your wife always enjoy the best of health.

  7. Thanks for sharing DL. I am very glad to hear you wife is a survivor. And I admire your decision.


  8. I can certainly understand why you cherish it and I am glad to hear that your wife is a survivor and I admire your spirit to be with her and live lifetime together. Thank you for participating.

  9. I am so happy your wife beat cancer and you supported her by shaving your head. Great post

  10. Great choice for the Cherished 'fest, DL. Beautiful, beautiful story. (I love this hop!)
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

  11. This is so beautiful. You have such a wonderful marriage-- and your wife is so fortunate to have such a cherishing husband.

    Thank you for supporting the Cherished Blogfest– it is posts like this that have made it worthwhile for us co-hosts.

  12. DL, I had no idea about KH having breast cancer. I'm glad to hear that she kicked its butt and I knew with all your family support behind her that she couldn't lose. I'm not a blogger or even a writer but I did enjoy reading many of the bouts but near the end it became harder due to our move back to Dallas. Take care and say hi to the family.





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