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WRiTE CLUB 2015 - A Champion Crowned

The celebrity judges have spoken.  The winner of the 2015 version of WRiTE CLUB  - announced at the DFW Conference Saturday night - is:
Commando Grace
And now the moment many of who have been waiting for, the unveiling of just who our champion really is.  It is a pleasure to introduce to you Lisa Dunn…aka Commando Grace.  
Lisa is a homeschooling mother of four and an author for young adults. She took a break from her accustomed Fantasy genre to dabble in Contemporary YA for this years Write Club. She is currently working on edits for the final installment of a YA Fantasy trilogy published through Anaiah Press. Her first book, GRIT OF BERTH AND STONE, debuted in March 2015. Her second book, HEIR OF KORADIN, will be available August 4, 2015. Lisa looks forward to turning COMMANDO GRACE into a full length novel and is thankful for the encouragement and critique of this year’s Write Club participants. You may find her on Amazon (, Twitter (@ScouterWife), and Facebook (Author Lisa Dunn). 
With her victory Lisa has won a $75 Amazon gift certificate, a three chapter critique from some WRiTE CLUB judges, and a free pass to the 2016 DFW Conference.
Our runner none other than Amy Snead.   
Amy writes for and about young adults. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s substitute teaching, deciphering teen slang one hallway-drama session at a time. She lives in Oklahoma, surrounded by too much testosterone, compliments of her husband and three boys. This testosterone overload sometimes allows her to transform into a teenage boy, in her writing of course. Amy’s mortal enemy is the undercooked egg, and she’s nearly convinced the zombie apocalypse will become a real thing. Come say hi on Twitter (@Amy_Smead), she says hi right back. 
For being a finalist, Amy has also earned herself a $75 Amazon gift certificate.
Here is how the final voting broke down.  Unfortunately, I didn't receive votes back from all of the judges (agents not returning email - go figure!), but even without those votes we were able to determine a winner.
Allison Devereux - Commando Grace
Cheryl Pientka - Commando Grace
Christopher Rhodes - MissWriteNow
Dan Koboldt - Commando Grace
Dawn Frederick - MissWriteNow
Ella Kennen - na
Katelyn Detweiler - Commando Grace
Laura Maisano - Commando Grace
Lauren Oliver - na
Lydia Moed - Commando Grace
Marisa Corvisiero - na
Mark Hough - MissWriteNow
Michelle Johnson - Commando Grace
Russell Connor - Commando Grace
Sara B. Larson - Commando Grace
Sarah Negovetich - Commando Grace
Saritza Hernandez - na
Shannon Hassan - MissWriteNow
Tex Thompson - Commando Grace
Tiana Smith - Commando Grace
The critiques from our celebrity judges have been forwarded to Amy and Lisa, so lets hope they put them all to good use.
And there you have it.  Congratulations to both of our finalist, and a virtual high-five to Lisa for becoming the fifth member of an elite club - WRiTE CLUB champ. Looking forward to meeting you in person at next years DFW Conference to help us crown our next champion!
I want to again thank all 171 contestants who submitted their work for scrutiny this year, everyone who blogged, Tweeted, updated their Facebook status, or did whatever they could to spread the word about WRiTE CLUB so we could provide the exposure to these writers they so richly deserve, and finally I want to thank my wife Kim -- without who's support this contest would be impossible.
I'll be back Wednesday with a final few words and a 2015 wrap up.  See you then. 


  1. Congratulations Lisa! I knew I could spot good writing. Everyone should read Grit of Berth and Stone like RIGHT NOW!

  2. Congratulations to EVERYONE who entered, especially the finalists, and yay for Lisa!!! Both the finalists already have my notes, but it was a pleasure to read all of your entries. :) Thanks to Don and Kim for all the work they put into this every year!

  3. This contest was lots of fun! Lisa, I agonized over facing you since I read your first submission! Great writing, amazing little story :) And when you finish Grace's story, I'll be waiting to get a copy!

    Thanks for hosting, DL!

    1. Amy, I was scared, too, when I learned Grace would be up against another snarky teenage girl! Funny how they both ended up in the middle of "personal problems." I followed you on Twitter yesterday, so I'm eager to hear what comes of your story. Maybe someday we'll celebrate our girls' novel debuts - just not over eggs, right? (p.s. I have three boys, too, plus a girl, so I totally get the whole testosterone thing!)

    2. Poop and PMS! Gotta love it! It couldn't have worked out better :) Congrats again!

    3. Congrats to you, too! Tell Pork Chop I said hi! ;)

  4. Congrats to both writers!! And of course, thanks Don and Kim for the HUGE amount of work this takes. It's a herculean effort, but worth it since it's become a huge annual writing event. You guys rock :)

  5. Congrats to Lisa and Amy!
    Well done DL... and thanks also to your awesome team of helpers.

  6. Thank you to DL and his wife for putting on this contest.

    Thank you to Amy and all the other writers who pushed me to put my very best into every 500 words. It was crazy fun and a little scary. This contest has some awesome writers!

    Thank you to everyone who voted and cheered for Grace. Extra thanks to the people who commented a couple rounds back about Molly being mean. You were totally right. Sweet Molly would have found a gracious out for her new friend.

    And thank you to the judges for the excellent feedback!

    WRITE ON!!!!

  7. Bravo to both of the finalists! Although I'm reluctant to give up my crown, I think that Commando Grace is well deserving. Congratulations!

  8. Congrats to both finalists! And extra special congrats to Lisa and Commando Grace.

  9. Amazing work, everyone!
    So happy for you, Lisa! Best of luck in everything you do next!

    Amy, keep writing more for us!

    DL, you and Kim, are amazing! Another great year!


  10. Lisa! Huge congrats to you. Tyrant H. here. You bested me in the first bout. So happy for you, and so glad I got whooped by the winner. :) You are a total class act, and I really appreciated your helpful feedback on my piece. Can't wait to see what happens with your soccer playing MC! Cheers!

  11. Fantastic! Congrats to both, and a huge WTG for Lisa. I hope Commando Grace becomes a book. I'd love to buy it!

  12. Congratulations, Lisa, and to the all the Write Club finalists! I've been too preoccupied with family stuff to participate as much as I'd hoped, but I've been cheering you on from the sidelines. Thanks again DL for another amazing contest!

  13. Congrats ladies! I enjoyed the pieces! :)

  14. Congratulations Lisa and Amy ... and to you too DL for setting the WriteCub up and running the contest ... a great opportunity for many. So pleased for you all ... good luck with your future publications too ..

    Cheers Hilary

  15. That's great! I'm glad Commando Grace won. Congrats to all competitors. I didn't get in this time. Maybe next year! If any of the 500 word stories I voted for get published, drop me an Amazon link please. @penminion




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