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WRiTE CLUB 2018 - Submission Period Closes

We now have all of the submissions from our possible contestants and it's time for our slushpile readers to go into seclusion and read the 84,053 words worth of writing samples. This year we received 179 submissions from 131 writers, covering 25+ different genre's. Our readers definitely have their work cut out for them trimming that list down to just the 30 that will step into the ring.

The contest will kick off with its first bout on April 16th. Hope to see you back then.

Thanks to everyone for helping to spread the word and giving these writers an opportunity to be recognized!



  1. That's a lot! Competition will be fierce.

  2. Wow! I think just making it into the 30 should feel like a win!

  3. Whew! Here's wishing the judges much sanity. That sounds like a hugely difficult task.




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