WRiTE CLUB 2019 - Submission Period is Closed

The submission window for this year's WRiTE CLUB closed at midnight last night and we ended up with a record-breaking 189 entries from 137 writers!  We received writing samples from writers around the globe that represent 40+ different genres and sub-genres.

How about those marbles!

Now our slush pile readers have the unenviable (or maybe it is enviable) task of narrowing that list down to just 30  -  30 who will eventually make their way into our ring to battle for the opportunity to become the 2019 WRiTE CLUB champion and a free invitation to the 2020 DFW Writers Conference.

The first bout arrives on April 29th.  Mark your calendar!


  1. That's a massive amount of entries. I couldn't read that many.

  2. Good luck to everyone who submitted. And to the dedicated volunteers who will read them all.




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