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The Writer
The first thing I ever officially wrote was in tenth grade...and it was to impress a girl. They gave our class a group assignment to record a 15-minute audiotape in the style of old radio shows (i.e. Dick Tracy) - all from original ideas. My group included the prettiest girl in the entire school (Vicki) who was the captain of the cheerleader squad. When Vicki asked if anybody had idea's for a story, I impulsively blurted out I would write the script -- even though I'd never written fiction before. It put my active imagination to the test as I wrote a horror story about a young boy who becomes enamored with his reflection in an antique full-length mirror brought home by his mom. Our recording was well received by the class, but the teacher pulled us aside afterward. She couldn't believe that the material we used to make the tape was original and wanted to know where we got it from. After we finally convinced her I had written it from scratch, she suggested that I submit it to several short story contests...which I never did. (I still carry around the story in my backpack though)

After that experience, I joined the school newspaper and made a name for myself writing sports articles, and occasionally the Editor would throw me a bone and let me write feature pieces. My favorite (and most controversial) was an article I entitled...The Art of Skipping.

Off to college (LSU) I went where I initially majored in Journalism but soon realized that career choice could prove financially challenging. I tried out more lucrative majors (changing several times until I ending up graduating in business) and my writing slowly faded into the background as I confronted the realities of GPA’s, school loans, early morning alarms and late-night dinners, heart-stopping love, dirty diapers, mortgages, coaching clinics, scholarship applications and everything else that tend to induce follicle disembarkation and enlarged prostates. It wasn’t until two of my three children had flown the coop and I found myself with spare time that "the itch" returned. All it took was a sprinkle of attention and the warmth of my interest to rekindle a decade's old love.

That was a decade ago, and the funny thing isI feel like I’m just now hitting my stride.

I had an agent at one time, but ultimately we went our separate ways.  I'm starting from scratch again, figuring things out as I go along, but still resolute on my goals.

The Person
Born a military brat, I started this adventure surrounded by the lushness of Honolulu, Hawaii.  The beautiful surroundings didn't have much time to leave an impression on me because 11 months later our military life grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and we shuttled off to the next post. Our family was stationed generally on the east coast and hopping around every couple years became the norm. Luckily I could spend all 4 of my high school years in one location...Havelock, North Carolina. I went to college at LSU (GEAUX TIGERS) where I met my best friend and future wife. After we married we moved to Atlanta and had our first child in 1987. We quickly realized living closer to family was something we both wanted, so when our daughter came along in 1990, it was a downright must. At the time my parents lived in New Jersey and my wife's mother and step-dad lived in Arkansas. It wasn't even a contest, Arkansas it was.

We now have three children and are living comfortably in the Natural State. Nine years ago I re-discovered my affair with the written word...and here I am. In the real-world, I'm an introvert.

I S T J   (for those of who familiar with the Myers-Briggs)


I'm also uber-shy (not the same thing as being introverted) and most people confuse that with being stuck up or uncaring. I'm married (luckily so) because my wife took charge during the dating process. The only place where shyness isn't a factor is when I'm online. If you want to know something else about me, just ask. I'm pretty much an open book (pardon the pun).



  1. I so enjoy learning other's journeys to writing. We are all unique. I owe my passion for it to one English teacher, Ms. Marilee Ruddle. The strictest, hardest, coldest teacher in the school. She did NOT give A's. At least not in recent history - nobody knew anybody who'd ever gotten one. I was an honor student, on that track, and determined to beat her. (It should be noted that many, many honor students got their parents to request another English teacher so as not to spoil their precious child's GPA.) She was strict, just like I'd been warned. But she also was a very, very good teacher. I owe her my love of poetry, my love of art, my realization that there are people out there who recognize bullshit when they read it. Prior to that, I'd always gotten huge accolades for my writing, which led to complacency, which led me to "dialing in" my first essay for her, on which I got a C-/C. First time in my academic career to not get an A, s in I'd never had a B either. I was crushed. And determined to prove her wrong. Which I eventually did. Got an A/A- minus on my last paper. But still, not an A in the class. Marilee, wherever you are: THANK YOU.
    Tina @ Life is Good
    P.S You're my 200th follower! Thanks for tipping the bucket that way. I'll buy you a drink when you're in town.

  2. Great story! I remember a similar assignment with that teacher. I can't remember her name either.

  3. Huh... I never thought you lived in Arkansas. I'm in Missouri. I like the life in small towns--who would have thought? Especially since I grew up in a big city.

    I'm definitely enjoying your blog posts.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment.


  4. Hey DL, just stumbling across you from the a-z challenge. I'm wearing down and getting eye strain. But I'm so glad I'm joined. I'm amazed at all the diverse writers. I'm like you in that writing is my braver voice. In life, I'm more willing to be on the back burner. I help my elderly folks daily, so am not employed. My blog connects me to others. Writers are a special breed, I think. Enjoy your blog. I will be back. Nice to "meet" you!

  5. Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge to say hi! I, too, am a Navy brat, although we never made it to Hawaii - we mostly hopped back and forth between California and Washington State.

  6. Hi DL! I nominated you for an award. You can find the details here:

  7. A lot of writers are shy. The online blogging community is a great way to open up and develop friendships!

  8. Love your website. You're really off to a great start with this. Congratulations!

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  9. Love the new website, DL! Nice job!


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