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Competitors and Winners by Round. Voting is still considered open for any round without a winner posted by it.

Round 1 - Ratz vs Word Whittler /  Word Whittler
Round 2 - Jason Andrews vs Katie R /  Jason Andrews
Round 3 - Aurelia vs D.Rose /  D. Rose
Round 4 - RingGirl vs Cyan /  RingGirl
Round 5 - Tipa vs Sissy Grimm /  Sissy Grimm
Round 6 -  Anya Harker vs Peanut Buttercup  /  Peanut Buttercup
Round 7 -  Jenna Fox  vs  I.B. Wrighton  /  Jenna Fox
Round 8 -  Silver  vs. Perdida  /  Silver
Round 9Penelope Clearwater  vs Doug Claremont  /  Penelope Clearwater
Round 10 - I Am Not Shakespeare vs Lilith Trueblood / I Am Not Shakespeare
Round 11 -Dragons R Us vs  Avery Normandy  / Avery Normandy
Round 12 - Aidlinn  vs Mrs Mojo Rising  /  Mrs. Mojo Rising
Round 13 - Tangled Words vs Dinah Annella  /  Dinah Annella
Round 14 - Mara Jade vs Not Loretta Lynn /  Not Loretta Lynn
Round 15 - Joy Frost  vs  Satellite Heart  / Joy Frost
Round 16 - Sedney of the Castonod vs Lucky McGee  / Sedney of the Castonod
Round 17 - Camille Atwood vs Sophia  / Camille Atwood
Round 18 - Digigal  vs  Chloe Hart  / Digigal
Round 19 - Little Miss Proper  vs Seawood  /  Seaweed
Round 20 - Ratz  vs Brookside  /  Brookside
Round 21 - Wren Tyler  vs Stormy  /  Wren Tyler
Round 22 -  Fake Name  vs Nia Wolfe  /  Fake Name
Round 23 -  Penny Script  vs  Khanada  /  Khanada
Round 24 -  Sapphire River vs Baxter Talltree /  Baxter Talltree
Round 25 -  Writer On The Storm  vs  Blue Cookie /  Blue Cookie
Round 26 -  Marquistar  vs  S. Linki  / Marquistar
Round 27 -  Raven Claw  vs  M.D. Lorde  / Ravenclaw
Round 28 -  Eleven  vs Alecia Hart  /  Eleven
Round 29 -  A. Malcolm  vs Matilda Maxwell  /  Matilda Maxwell
Round 30 -  Honey Child vs Jade Kestrel / Jade Kestrel
Round 31 -  Jenky Slumgullion  vs  Patrice Croninville  / Patrice Croninville
Round 32 -  June Gloom  vs Stargirl09  / Stargirl09
Round 33 -  Jade  vs  Rattle Yerdags  / Rattle Yerdags
Round 34 -  Midnight Muse vs Scarlet Pimpernel /  Midnight Muse
Round 35 - Alondra Larkin  vs Dark Alley  / Alondra Larkin
Round 36 - Snivvy Crank vs Whoppity Scoot /  Snivvy Crank


Round One
Bout 1 - Alondra Larkin
Bout 2 - Snivvy Crank
Bout 3 - Ravenclaw
Bout 4 - Sedney of the Castonod
Bout 5 - Rattler Yerdags
Bout 6 - Word Whittler
Bout 7 - Eleven
Bout 8 - Not Loretta Lynn
Bout 9 - Peanut Buttercup
Bout 10 - Brookside
Bout 11 - Jade Kestrel
Bout 12 - D. Rose
Bout 13 - I Am Not Shakespeare
Bout 14 - Jason Andrews
Bout 15 - Seaweed
Bout 16 - RingGirl
Bout 17 - Sissy Grimm
Bout 18 - Patrice Croninville

Round Two

Bout 1 -Snivvy Crank
Bout 2 -Ravenclaw
Bout 3 -Seaweed
Bout 4 -Sissy Grimm
Bout 5 -Peanut Buttercup
Bout 6 -Jason Andrews
Bout 7 -Eleven
Bout 8 -Jade Kestrel
Bout 9 -I Am Not Shakespeare
Wildcard - RingGirl

Round Three
Bout 1 - Ravenclaw
Bout 2 - Eleven
Bout 3 - Snivvy crank
Bout 4 - Peanut Buttercup
Bout 5 - RingGirl
Wildcard Winner -Seaweed

Round Four
Bout 1 - Ravenclaw
Bout 2 - Snivvy Crank
Bout 3 -RingGirl
Wildcard Winner - Eleven

Bout 1 -Ravenclaw vs RingGirl
Bout 2 -Snivvy Crank vs Eleven

Agent/Editor Judging

The winner of the final round will be picked by a panel of publishing industry professionals!  Agents, Editors, Marketers, and published authors!  Here’s the gang (in alphabetical order by last name).

Jill Marsal -

Jill Marsal is a partner at the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency. She has been in the publishing industry almost 15 years. On the fiction front, Jill looks for all types of romance (contemporary, paranormal, romantic suspense, historical, and category), women's fiction and family stories, cozy mysteries, and thrillers. She is also looking for general commercial fiction and welcomes a dramatic storyline and compelling characters in interesting situations or relationships. On the non-fiction side, Jill's areas of interest include business, current events, health, self-help/advice, relationships, psychology, parenting, and narrative non-fiction.

Sarah LaPolla - Sarah began at Curtis Brown in 2008, working with Dave Barbor and Peter Ginsberg. Sarah is interested in literary fiction, narrative nonfiction, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, science fiction, literary horror, and young adult fiction. She loves complex characters, coming-of-age stories, and strong narrators. Sarah graduated from Ithaca College with a degree in Writing and English, and went on to receive her MFA in Creative Writing from The New School.

Ann Collette – Ann was a freelance writer and editor before joining the Rees Literary Agency in 2000.  Her list includes books by Barbara Shapiro, Mark Russinovich, Steven Sidor, Vicki Lane, Carol Carr, Clay and Susan Griffith, and Chrystle Fiedler. She likes literary, mystery, thrillers, suspense, vampire, and commercial women's fiction; in non-fiction, she prefers narrative non-fiction, military & war, work to do with race & class, and work set in or aboutSoutheast Asia. Ann does not represent children's, YA, sci-fi, or high fantasy (Lord of the Rings-type books).

Elana Johnson - Elana's debut novel, POSSESSION, is available from Simon & Schuster  and her second novel, SURRENDER, was just released on June 5, 2012.  She is also the author of From the Query to the Call, an ebook that every writer needs to read before they query.  She runs a personal blog on publishing and is a founding author of the QueryTracker blog. She blogs regularly at The League of Extraordinary Writers, co-organizes WriteOnCon, and is a member of SCBWI, ANWA and LDStorymakers.  Elana is represented by Michelle Andelman of Regal Literary.

S.R. Johannes  -  Shelli was recently nominated in the YA category as Georgia Author of the Year and also the 2012 winner of the IndieReader Discovery Awards for young adult for her Amazon bestselling Untraceable (a teen wilderness thriller).   She has also published a new tween paranormal, On The Bright Side, as well as a teen romance anthology with 16 other authors titled, In His Eyes.  Uncontrollable, the sequel to Untraceable, is scheduled for fall 2012.  Shelli lives in Atlanta Georgia with her dog, British-accented husband, and the huge imaginations of their little prince and princess, which she hopes- someday- will change the world. After earning an MBA and working in corporate America, S.R. Johannes traded in her expensive suits, high heels, and corporate lingo for a family, flip-flops, and her love of writing.

Rachelle Gardner - Rachelle is an extremely popular agent with WordServe Literary Group based in Denver, Colorado.  She loves books, authors, publishing, and talking incessantly about them. Her passion is partnering with authors to bring worthwhile books to publication. She also writes a heavily trafficked blog that in her words “is a way to create a community of writers, both published and seeking publication”.

Tiana Smith – Tiana was the first ever WRiTE CLUB champion! She graduated with an English degree with a creative writing focus from Westminster College and writes YA/MG books.  She also likes to design blogs, so if you're interested in getting one of her premade designs, please visit her shop @ The Blog Decorator.

Lucienne Diver –  Lucienne is a long-time book addict who went into publishing over eighteen years ago to feed her habit, beginning at New York’s prestigious Spectrum Literary Agency and moving three years ago to The Knight Agency. In addition, she’s an author in her own right with the Vamped series of young adult books for Flux and the new Latter-Day Olympians series of urban fantasy novels, beginning with Bad Blood, from Samhain Publishing. 

Lauren Ruth - Lauren started her publishing career as an intern at Simon & Schuster's Touchstone/Fireside imprint while earning her B.A. in English language and literature from Pace University. Shortly thereafter, she completed her second internship at BookEnds, where she fell in love with the literary agency side of the publishing industry. She will soon have her master's degree in book publishing. Lauren also blogs at

Snivvy Crank  vs Raven Claw

And the winner is.............(Click Here)

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